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  • If you will accept my apologies - My delinquency is terrible. I'm back online and would like to be your friend (if the request still holds).

    Thanks for the request and happy to accept!
    I too am east and have rasied 2 myself, well still raising them... I don't think I will ever not be a parent lol!
    Thanks again!
    Please keep me in the loop on the super skunk. I am a sativa whore and skunk number one has always been a favorite of mine. I got a super skunk seed as a freebie in my last order and can't wait to get a smoke report. This is my most stressful grow yet, I have Tangerine Dream, Super Silver Haze, Silver Haze, Super Skunk and my staples Pineapple Express & Sour Cream. No growth stress, just the wait is killing me! I took my plants apart for clones recently so I am months away from a smoke.
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