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    Haystack Just Can't Stop

    Just got home from the cabin a little while ago and went out on the deck to check on the plants and smoke another fatty. It's such a clear night that I decided to take a few pics of the plants and the view. It's been such an amazing summer for growing this year. Only a few days of 100 plus...
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    Haystack Just Can't Stop

    So I had to go up to the cabin this morning and do a little work before the next guests arrive. When I was done I smoked a big fatty right there on that deck. I must have sat there for a good hour just spacing out on all the trees. This home sharing stuff is working out great. I've been booked...
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    Maine 4-Season Greenhouse Grow

    I love this pic Blew. I'll bet on a nice calm night, you can hear a pin drop from 50 yards. Amazing man!
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    BakedArea's 1st Grow! 2019 Outdoor/Greenhouse: StrawDiesel x Critical+

    I like the way the spercropped plants have recovered. They already have some new tops growing on the horizontal part of the stem!
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    BakedArea's 1st Grow! 2019 Outdoor/Greenhouse: StrawDiesel x Critical+

    Once the leaves are burned, they will stay that way. But any new growth should look green and healthy.
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    GR's Fall '19 Coco Grow

    Damnit. I'm late for this party. But at least I got in before the real fun starts. This looks like it's gonna be fun! Can't wait to see the end result. But I'm sure it will be great like your other grows.
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    Haystack Just Can't Stop

    Here are a couple of pics, just because. These pics are from my outdoor grow in 2017. A friend of mine took them and texted them to me last night, so I thought I'd put them up here.
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