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    Bud Washing

    @WhatsupWorld You probably can use ozone treated water for pm, but it's not really necessary. I had a pretty bad pm problem with a couple of my plants this fall. The h202 wash took care of it. I let the buds soak in the h202 bucket for a minute or so, the dunked them in and out of the h202...
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    Durban Poison Week 3: Hoping For The Best

    Starting to look really nice. I'm watching!
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    4 Ladies In A 100 Gallon Fabric Bed, Organic Super Soil, 4x4 Tent, 1000W HID

    What an amazing grow and harvest. Definitely one of, if not the best I've ever seen in a little 4x4 tent. Congrats to you! And if I may take a guess at your dry weight. I'm thinking somewhere right around 2 lbs. Wooooo!
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    Haystack Has Cannabisitis And He's Sour About It

    So, I did a little more work on the tent today. But I had a friend visiting from Socal, so I didn't get as far as I wanted. His visit turned into resin pressing party and got really stoned instead of working. But it was worth it . This grow will be my first attempt at hydro. The grow will...
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    Haystack Has Cannabisitis And He's Sour About It

    This growing stuff gets really addicting. I didn't realize just how addicting it is until it was legalized here in Cali.
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    Haystack Has Cannabisitis And He's Sour About It

    Thanks! Here we go again. Lol.
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    Haystack Has Cannabisitis And He's Sour About It

    More to come.
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    Haystack's Outdoor Grow

    That's a great idea to put them in vacuum bags, I've never done that before. But I guess it would take up a lot less room. I could even store them in the fridge.
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    Laquer Head's Indoor Organic Obsession: 2018

    What a great grow. I'm sure it's gonna be really nice to smoke.
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    Haystack's Outdoor Grow

    It's never ending and forever giving.
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    Haystack's Outdoor Grow

    Like you, the frost is my fear. But sometimes we can have a frost free winter. That's what I'm hoping for. But as long as this thread is still active, they'll still be growing. If it does make it through the winter, it will more than likely be a slightly different strain. From what I know about...