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    Outdoor Crop King Green Crack

    I am looking for input from anyone who has finished this outside in Canada, Zone 5. I have heard it doesn't have good weight and density. any pro knows if a bud doesn't have good 'weight' you just have a big puffy and the plant is a lumpo. I also have CK bubba kush, blueberry and sour...
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    When to Harvest

    the best time to harvest is when you see the trichomes changing from white to dark. when roughly 25% have darkened you can harvest, some varieties may be different. this is a general rule and not set in stone. It sounds like you black indica was ready to harvest when you wrote your...
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    Should I start my grow from clones or seeds?

    here is the short answer. I have harvested thousands of plants and speak from experience, not what I have read. clones are preferable to seeds because they are identical. seeds are like children from a man and a woman, they are all different. I know in some families children are a lot more...
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    Yellow blotches and yellow tips

    I agree it is a nutrient deficiency. you should be feeding them at every watering. use a 15-30-15 at about .25 - .5 grams per liter. never NEVER use 20-20-20 unless you own a lumber yard and need lumber. also, I would turn the light back to 18 hours, 24 is very stressful and they need time...
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    Trimming Machine Hash

    This is an advanced question for the big dogs. In the old days bud was trimmed by hand and the quality of the shake was high. fan leaves were separated and discarded for the most part. the hash we made was black, sticky and awesome. ever since the Trimpro came on the scene the shake...
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