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  • hey hogg any idea wats the idea with people dissapearing? well not dissapearing just basicly been put bak to square one. for example, weedpipe and another 3lions, both have been active for a while and i taggen along 3lions last grow, he also had a new one starting, but now according to both there profiles, niether have ever so much as posted a post, sent a reply or started a thread, nor do they have any pictures or anything, just realy confused me, i asked the butcher and he was planning on digging about finding out but iv not heard bak
    Thanks for the well wishes and I will keep u posted about Court this month. Love that Kush grow that was your ahem 1st
    hey hogg, iv been looking abut trying to find how i sort out my profile pik, i cant seem to find the option
    I have been through a few grows my self, and it always came down to me making a mistake some where down the line. Still trying to get it right, my last grow was the closest and ended the best just messed up on the cure and had tons of rain so mold got to it. bla thats behind me kinda haha hoping for the best this run!!
    It's a really good wood to use. I had to chop down the tree last year and have used it to smoke meat several times now. It's a nice smooth and mellow smoke. Not as pungent or hard as oak, hickory, mesquite or pecan. Cherry and apple wood make some great smoke too.
    No problem Brother! Your garden is super sweet! I have a busy weekend but next weekend I'm planning on firing up the old pit. We're gonna do some chickens and ribs smoked over some seasoned peach wood chunks. I'll post pics on the bbq thread when we get it goin!
    hey hogdady is everything cool? aint heard a peep off you for a couple of days, would you listen to me i sound like a concerned mother lol
    Beautiful scoot man, are those 15" Apes? Maybe we can ride in the same wind one day...Malcolm
    aw, thats a shame it got deleted. that video truly made my day/week/month. it was nice to see that punk get his. oh check this one out, YouTube - Thomas Bruso aka Epic Beard Man Interview gives ya some insight into the whole thing.
    Cheech and Chong and Tower of Power? Wow, what a combination.:popcorn:

    I still sing the Cheech and Chong song " I Been Framed!". All my cannabis friends still have to do the "Dave's not here" routine to get in the door. Thanks for the post. :peace:
    1996 ford thunderbird with a svt cobra 4 cam full ex and intake had to sell because of the kid on the way right before i was about to buy the procharger now i drive a altima ka24de ok motor just rebuilt it. I wanna another t-bird full independent passing mustang cobras around turns.
    hey Hogdady, finally got 25 posts so I could respond. So far it has worked, I have not strangled any random idiots.....yet. Been without medicine for month and a half now due to current legal situation so the random idiots should probably be on on their best behavior. A lot of anxiety, rage, depression just waiting to be unleashed on some random idiot!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year may this new year bring you all the happiness and good fortune you are so deserving of.
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