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    Using generators to power grow lights

    Re: Using generators to power grow lights. Pricey!
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    Mr Whites Coco Nova

    Well Mr White, it appears that you have done your homework! Room and equipment are well balanced, plants look happy. Good job! :)
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    Blue on blue

    still smokin some!
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    From a fellow atheist, thanks for the reps!

    From a fellow atheist, thanks for the reps!
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    Drug test this week

    Unlike many other invaders and toxic elements, the body is in no hurry to rid itself of cannabis! :)
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    Drug test this week

    subbing is so much easier!
  7. Hogdady

    Drug test this week

    sounds like a pain in the ass!
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    Need to b clean fast Help Please!

    Same as Weed, been using sub's for years for employment/DOT tests. I smoke a gm a day, every day. I use TestClear, but there are numerous products out there. :48:
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    Dolomite Lime?

    Garden lime is dolomitic (calcium carbonate) lime. If it's hydrated (calcium hydroxide), it will say so on the package. HD
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    DIY-Become a DIY home grower Electrical Engineers

    Good to have another Sparky aboard! :) In reference to outlets and grow ops, please spend the extra dough to install GFIC outlets or breakers. They will literally save your life! HD
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    How Much will it Cost to Run my Light?

    As a Pacific Graft and Extortion customer, I have become all to familiar with their rate schedule. Residential customers are billed based on a 5 tier system. The first tier is what they call your "baseline" which varies with location. The next four tiers are structured as 100-200% over...
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    Spotting leaves

    Re: spoting leaves It will be much easier for members to comment if you will give us this info.... http://www.420magazine.com/forums/problems-pests-disease-control/83623-how-ask-grow-support.html
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    Hi from hell!

    Re: Hi from hell!! Glad you joined us! A friend of mine who had to spend some time working in Utah had a bumper sticker that said "Register Mormons, not hand guns!" oops...hope your not Mormon...
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    How to harness PPM?

    I'm not a teacher, I'm not an expert, I just know what has worked for me. Any information that I present would be based solely on that. Not to mention that there are many growers here that are far more experianced than myself. That said, I would be more than willing to help out as I can. :)
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    How to harness PPM?

    Sorry, my friend. I'm a dirt farmer so I wouldn't be able to answer those questions...:)
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