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    Yup it’s still in the box just Rolled around my pot it helps keep the temperature up in the winter here.
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    Gelato 2020
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    The Vault: Plenty For 420

    I’ve got my shopping cart packed. I’m ready to kick off another amazing grow year thanks to the vault A
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    The Vault: Plenty For 420

    @George from The Vault what does the vault have cooking up for us on this fine 4-20-20 . Any comparison grown in the future. Id have to say by far that was the best thing I’ve bin involved in. # Brooklyn sunrise # Blue dream comparative grow at its finest
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    The Vault: Plenty For 420

    #team vault rocks. Best seeds hands down.
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    Help First DWC

    How’s the grow going
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    EastCoastGhost Does Sponsored Grow: Dr. Seeds Do-Si-Dos

    I always add it to a complete Rez change. You could possibly get a lockout trying add it into a existing bucket. I’ve never roped off with mix just plain water. I’ve finished up a no touch hydro grow. Went amazing. All I did was mix 3 gal of my expert schedule at the exact amounts on the...
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    EastCoastGhost Does Sponsored Grow: Dr. Seeds Do-Si-Dos

    That kool bloom dry is really a game changer. Works amazingly. I’ve also noticed the effect on ph it has. The way I combated it was increased the calmag by 5ml per gall and it gave it more stability.
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    Random Thoughts, Plants & Genetics

    Your the man jack. Definitely.
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    The Phantom Og The Opera Goes Apeshit: Starring Barney's Farm Gorilla Zkittelz, Phantom OG & Supporting Cast

    I’m great missing growing but ready to jump back in. Life has changed with moving. But I’m ready to brake out the box that say grow stuff lol. Things are different on the east coast. Hey I may try my hand at out door growing yah. I just sat up a green house I’ve got bags of...
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