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  1. Whirl pool in bucket

    Whirl pool in bucket

  2. A bubbling cauldron

    A bubbling cauldron

  3. Friendly visitor in the grow room

    Friendly visitor in the grow room

  4. Dried out worm-castings

    Dried out worm-castings

  5. improvise

    What is wrong with my plant

    Welcome. Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial . regards
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    welcome from the UK, regards
  7. improvise

    Cola pics

    class. regards
  8. Water


  9. worm castings

    worm castings

  10. improvise

    Advice on first grow?

    Welcome from the UK. i like to do more than one variety each grow, It`s good to have choice. regards
  11. improvise

    Long time lurker first time posting!

    Welcome from the UK. regards
  12. SAM_7615.JPG


  13. SAM_7620.JPG


  14. AMS medical

    AMS medical

  15. SAM_7622.JPG


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