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    Are low life strains the same as low ryder strains?

    Yes, they are all crossed with lowryder. Although I have no personal expirence with them, i hear they take quiet a while to finish.As for smell, almost any type of bud you grow is going to smell to the high heavens, even the fruity strains.The only strain I know of that doesnt smell bad is...
  2. hashberry harvest

    hashberry harvest

  3. hashberry harvest

    hashberry harvest

  4. hashberry harvest

    hashberry harvest

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    CFL closet

    rasta, lovely looking plants man, hope u get some grade a smoke off it. Just wanted to say a couple of things.First, to the ppl that try to get cfl users to go h.i.d, shame on you all. cfls are a cheap and inexpensive way to grow some great buds, sure you'll need more watts to get the same...
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    N00B Grower...Please Help w/Leaf Problem

    here man hope i dont get in trouble for this....just a bunch of info to help u decided wat disorder ur facing as pics can only help so much...hope this helps :bong::allgood: Key on Nutrient Disorders To use the Problem-Solver, simply start at #1 below. When you think you've found the...
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    Male plants

    not sure if this is totally true but i've heard keeping the lights on for 24/0 during the first couple of weeks helps raise the female male ratio...it works for me. or maybe im just lucky...
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    Morning smoke with coffee?

    hell yea :allgood: to me...its the favorite part of the day..nuthin like that mornin buzz. glad to c im not the only one that loves coffee n bud..:cool027: peace:peace:
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    What do yall think?

    Re: wat do yall think? update time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for all those that lurk in the shadows...the cali os are doing great, still stretchin. couldnt get a good pic of my lil bud yet,but hopefully i will on my next update. they give off a very nice orange scent with some delightful skunk...
  10. group shot

    group shot

  11. hashberry


  12. hashberry


  13. nirvana cali orange

    nirvana cali orange

  14. bagseed


  15. nirvana cali orange

    nirvana cali orange

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