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  • obama,,, orders dea not to pursue any states that have legal medical marijuana laws
    to be harrased or raided,,etc,,,good job mr. president,,,this time,,,f.g.s. aka,,infoman,,,aka,,,drinfo,,,ohio,,,,peace
    it seems as if obama is going to change drug laws,,,and have a u.s. needle exchange program for drug addicts,,,good move, right step forward, and dont forget open the doors of our prison and get those people back home where they belong,,f.g.s,,,aka,,,infoman,,,aka,,,drinfo,,,ohio,,peace
    president obama---what are your intentions on the legalization of cannibas sativa for social, industrial, and medical application?
    are you mr. president going to open the doors of our prisons?---f.g.s.,,,aka,,,infoman,,,aka,,,drinfo,,,ohio,,,peace
    me president obama---it is time to open the doors of our prisons and pardon,,,expunge all records of lst time non-violent criminals-(unjust-law-)-and use these people to repair our natinal parks,,,( volunteer )---pay them,,,,with money used for jails, and all that is conncected to their release--( counseling,,,drug test,,,etc,,,,WE THE PEOPLE WANT A CHANGE,,,,F.G.S.,,,,AKA,,,INFOMAN,,,,AKA,,,,DRINFO,,,OHIO,,,,PEACE
    the time for me and a suggestion to others is that we become more agressive in our actions for the legalization for cannibas stavia ( marijuana ) we have to get past the passive attitude and become more involved with the politicans whom represents you..
    phone calls,,,letters,,,petetions, re-elecion threats,,,meetings,,,,,etc
    its great to blog to each other,,,its great to give our opnions,,( dont stop doing this), but double your efforts for this cause,,,,and lets move ahead and put these silly non-sense laws,,,and those who are blocking us from our movment,,be impeached, for violation of the constitution,,,f.g.s,,,aka,,,infoman,,ohio,,peace
    merry christmas---peace on earth and good will towards each other,,,,
    and lets not forget those who are in are penal systems for their ungodly crime of having gods green herb for some use of some kind,,,(its not the governments business)---be strong soliders in prison,,,keep your dreams and visions alive,,,we are your family and we have not forgotton about you...f.g.s,,,aka,,,infoman,,,ohio,,,,love---peace-:peace:
    fridays party went rock & rolling,,,gave a moment of silence for those who are in u.s. prisons for some green herb law----then a prayer,,,,and then bonged it out,,,,drank beer,,,,pizza was good,,,,still in the back of my mind is those who wont be home,,,not just for the holidays,,,some are in prison for life,,,,,2009--should be the year of freedom,,,and accountability,,,from all levels of political status,,,and accountabilty from us just as well,,,,,,,,kicking back today,,,,try to clear mind for action that is needed for justice, and accountable,,,,,f.g.s.,,,aka,,,infoman,,,ohio,,,peace--out
    time to chase those crazy bald-heads out of town,,,,,bob marley,,f.g.s.,,,aka,,,infoman,,,ohio,,,peace-out
    this is friday,,,have a case of beer,,some pizza on order,,,rock and roll,,,some friends stopping buy,,,tonite were going to pray for our brothers and sisters who are in prison for some reason using or having gods green herb.---there will be some tears,,for this group is very sensative to those who wont be with us or their families this christmas,,,f.g.s.,,,aka,,,infoman,,,ohio,,,peace
    today in the u.s. penal system,,,,many lst time non-violent criminals,,,(really humans)--their chirstmas,,,is going to be somewhat sad,,,,and all for WALL ST...f.g.s,,,,aka,,infoman,,,ohio,,,peace
    a select blends of herbs,,,makes your turkey dressing taste so hummmmmmie,,,and the after effect is mind altering,,,,(for munchies,,etc,,,)---happy thanksgiving,,,f.g.s,,,,aka,,,infoman,,,ohio,,,peace
    2009--a new year,,a new start,,,we will demand that our rights be honored and for those who have other thoughts,,,please remove yourself from your position and go home,,,f.g.s,,,,aka,,,infoman,,,ohio,,,peace
    agree,,,agree,,,,agreeeeeeee----all that needs to be done is to remove those who are stopping the use of hemp 4 fuel,,,,the policial turn-coats,,,remove the crooks from our government----f.g.s.,,,aka,,,infoman,,,,ohio,,,,,
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