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    help! hospital drug test coming up

    I passed my drug test and working away. I used my son's pee and kept it in a zip lock bag and used heating pads and kept checking the temp. It worked well for me.
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    How To Use Synthetic Urine

    I have a drug test at a hospital in a Dr office for a job. I have gotten ultra pure synthetic urine I'm assuming they test in a lab anyone else use synthetic for a hospital job will they be able to tell I'm very nervous
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    Passed 5/6 UA's with Synthetic what happened with my last test?

    Can hospital labs test to know you use synthetic. is it just the uric acid? I have a drug test next week in a medical office at the hospital will synthetic work for me I can't fail this please help
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    help! hospital drug test coming up

    the thing with doing that is I have no way to see the temp is in range
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    help! hospital drug test coming up

    Hey guys. I have a drug test for my dream job in a little over a week. I have smoked weed for a long time. I have used synthetic urine before for my job now and passed. I used ultra pure. Now this drug test is at a hospital where I will be working. I am nervous because I need and want this job...
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