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    Having some major issues need help

    Hi Guys...and you too Emilya, Sorry I didn't read all the posts. I keep it real simple when using coco. Just wanted to clarify this "no flush with RO in coco". Know how we either buy preflushed and buffered coco...or rinse and soak ourselves before using. It's a dual sort of issue, and...
  2. John Dee

    Dandelion Wine Revisited: Do you decarboxylate for edibles?

    Hi All, I'm an old fart and until recently used the old school simmer in water and butter extraction method. Never bothered with decarbing because I always used the butter to make cookies...where the oven temp does the job. So to me, it depends on how the butter will be used. If you want...
  3. John Dee

    Cannabis Hyperemesis: vomiting

    Hi People, I can't believe I'm posting on this subject. I try to shy away from controversy. But I knew a guy...he was a neighbor in a small community. And he had CHS (cannabis hyperemises syndrome) big time. He would vomit and vomit till his electrolytes were all wacked out and he'd have to...
  4. John Dee

    New old guy

    Indeed...read one tut (two to go) She sure seems to know oil extraction. JD
  5. John Dee

    New old guy

    Yes...actually that's how I found the place. A friend on another site gave me a link to a SweetSue tutorial. She her rep is spreading. Want to learn pressure cooker technique too. Always have to have a pressure cooker to do shrooms. lol Cheers, JD
  6. John Dee

    Why Not's Platinum Kush Grow

    Hey Doo, Just joined and wanted to say hi to some of the other old timers. I'm retired too and am on the coast in Washington. I moved here to be in a legal state. Not growing yet but it sure is fun to see pictures of other'. I bought an LED too...never used one and so I decided it was time to...
  7. John Dee

    Just Back From the 60's

    Hey 60sOT, I'm new here too. Just joined. I graduated HS in 1967...that summer became known as "the summer of love". Pot great music and well...a sort of a bad time to be going to college. Too many distractions. But looks like a few of us Boomers are still around. I do hydro but never DWC...
  8. John Dee

    New old guy

    Hi Folks, Been bumping around forums since Planet Ganja. Pop into ICMag and RUI occasionally but heard that there are some good oil extraction people here. I use an old school water technique to make canna butter...but damn it's a lot of work. Just setting up a new room at my current...
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