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    Mold! Trash all?

    I ended up trashing it all! That bud washing thing doesn’t sit right with me. It’s seems as if the wash may rid the spores. But the mycotoxins left behind, are potentially still dangerous to health. And some buds that looked really good. If I picked them apart enough, I’d find traces of mold in...
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    Mold! Trash all?

    Hi! My latest grow, was harvested and hung dry as I normally do. I usually dry at 50% humidity. But this time around humidity is really high here. And I was only able to get it to 60-62%. I figured that would be ok. Just slower. 3 days into drying. And I noticed something was a little off. And...
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    Looking ready?

    I’m going to try and get a pic through my loupe. My new iPhone is not good at macro shots, like my previous one. It sure looks ready to me. I am probably just overthinking it, as I do with everything. I just can’t get my head past being done 2 week short of the breeder time. As they tend to...
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    Looking ready?

    Thanks for the responses. The reason I am concerned so much. Is that I miscalculated the flower time, and I am off by 2 weeks somehow. The breeder says 9-10 weeks. And I’m at 8....and I started a flawless finish flush yesterday. So I can’t undo that. That being said, trichomes have tons of...
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    Looking ready?

    Hi! I am on week 10 of flower for a Jack Herer photoperiod I am growing. I know trichomes are best to determine readiness. But can anyone tell me if the pic looks ready? My trichomes are looking mostly milky, with a small amount of Amber. I swear my grow lights affect this somehow. But I was...
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    Update on first grow: PPM question

    I use the same line. And have for several grows. I wouldn’t concern myself so much with run off. My medium is promix HP, and has buffers which effect runoff numbers. Not sure what you are using. However, I have learned that using the ingredients at half strength gives far less problems than...
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    Advanced Nutrients: Outdoor & Indoor

    I use advanced nutrients PH perfect Grow, micro, bloom. Along with some of the additives like big bud, voodoo juice and b52. I don’t mind the cost. And it basically sets the feeding aspect to cruise control. PH is always bang on. And I’ve found feeding at half strength works amazingly.
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    Rookie mistake!

    It’s also good to keep an eye for fast yellowing sugar leaves. And if they look suspect. Give them a gentle pull. If you have bud rot, they will come right off! That’s the easiest way I have found it. I had some on my last grow from high bud density and not enough airflow through the middle of...
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    Chop a node?

    Even though it’s a full branch? It’s like 24” long!
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    Chop a node?

    Hi all, I am on day 19 of flower on this Jack Herer photo strain I am growing. I have this one node, in the bottom right of my pic. It never made it to canopy like all the rest. I have been thinking I should just cut the whole branch off. But I am concerned about what kind of potential shock I...
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    Need help sexing seedling

    That one has stigmas!
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    Hi and I want to know

    Every grow I’ve done I can determine sex at 30-40 days old, and prior to flipping. You should see little stigmas coming out of the each pistil as the plant matures. Basically a little white hair will grow out of it!
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    Need help sexing seedling

    That is in fact. A man!
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    Guess my sex

    You’ll need much closer pics of the nodes to see what’s going on. They look a bit young to show sex. Are these photo or auto? And how old are they?
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    What are these? Nanners if so, can I just pluck them?

    Yes! Those are nanners! If I see them. I pluck! Every grow I have a atleast a couple towards the end. Only time I’ve seen seeds is when I left a hermie in there. And even then, it was minimal.
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