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    Teas and brews/bewildered

    been reading for hours everyone gives just enough info to kill ur babies need info on teas and brews from plant matter:MoreNutes:
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    What do you think is wrong with this leaf?

    flora mite kills all best if you have other girls spray now or pay later tell your friend to quit while hes ahead oh yea floramite you only have to do once not 3 times
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    First time trying a RE-Veg on 2 plants

    get the short ones off the floor closer to the light /watts equals grams
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    Can't determine plant abuse/splotches

    its just the plant have 4 butes all same grub 1 got those spots itll be fine only happens on one of my strains use air pots little more spendy worth every penny[dry out even]
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    New to growing have issue today

    to much water do the same thing
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    Need roots/help

    im not new but still a novice[about a year] can some one pony up some help for us ying yangs who have insuffiecient roots i know big roots big veggies i learned how to keep them healthy when i should have been learning how to grow roots help me grow roots i can handle the rest im a dirt...
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    CO2 debate need help

    sir grow propane torch lantern you also get heat and moisture and dont know how much your gettin bite the bullet buy the right stuff end of storie
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    CO2 debate need help

    goofy co2 belongs in bloom room unless u can do both raise level 1200 ppm as plants use it replace it green trees hydro has a co2 calc page none at night none on leaves add to room up high let it drift over them lots of air movement dont skip on the fans cost me 17 bucks for three weeks run it 5...
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    Plant marvel nutriculture

    anyone ever used this stuff any pros cons or feed charts any help appreciated:peace:
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    CO2 debate need help

    plants dont use co2 in the dark put fan on floor to blow co2 up and over
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