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  • Soniq420,

    A little late, as usual, but thanks for the reply awhile back. The Rhino Bloombox grow has reached a finish and can be transfered to the completed section. Also, the little response garnered almost always focused on the mother plant, and how she got so well developed. One of the New Year's projects is to grow/regrow the mothers in an effort to squeeze a second in the Bloombox. Would this process be appropriate for a journal? If not, where would it fit? Thanks for the help and best wishes for the new year.
    Just curious as to why some journals appear in bold type while others, like mine of course, don't. Is this a function of traffic? How does one attain this lofty status? Perhaps this would expand the following beyond the two loyal viewers, who knows. Thanks for the help.

    I began a grow journal last weekend and promptly realized its name is misleading and wish to abandon it and start over. How does one do this? It's currently on page 3 of the Journals In Progress under the lengthy title Mmclient's BB Hydro Rhino Grow Journal. Thanks for the help.
    Hey brother maybe you know what's going on, I can't see any photos on the site and my normal posting page is with out many of the buttons, like the 'quote' among others. Started all of a sudden a couple of hours ago. Restarted my laptop thinking it was me, but it is not.

    Hey boss, I started a grow journal but am having trouble. I can't see or get to my posts other than the last and the first. If you have any advice or could point me in the right direction I would be thankful.
    Hey brother. I was wondering if I could get my new grow room that is here moved over to the grow journal section? It would be oh so nice as it is more of a journal than just grow setup. Although there is setup involved I still think that it might be better served to be in the grow journal section.. If you can help at all, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Hi My Friend. I did as you said and cleared the 3 that were in the cache .
    It did not help, still showing the old photos I had already posted. 420 Girl is on the case now. Thanks :)
    Sending you all my love, respect and positive energy through the Universe.
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