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Summary of my journey as I recall it.. I checked my email exchange with the supplier. When I used the very first batch (1g) in April 2017 the impact was amazing. I was off my HBP meds in one week, 5/2/17, at only 3 drops at night. And I'm still off those meds. My mood was markedly improved. I continued to increase my dose to 8 drops at night. I lost 15 pounds because the sugar craving left me. I continued with a second batch and when I got sick I reduced the dose to 1-2 drops. I continued trying to increase but had a reaction. I tried a different batch with the same results. I didn't keep the weight off. I'm at my highest weight to date. My mood is way down. Then I found out about rosin. I tried decarbing but I didn't do a good job. I wasted a lot. I decarbed a new batch and started to use it in February.

End of April, purchased first supply - 1g CCO. Gradually increased from 1 rice-sized piece 1x per day, to 4pcs 2x per day(gradually increased)
5/16/2017 4.6g CCO (developed diarrhea at previous dose. Stopped for a week. Tried to start over with just 1 piece and by 3 pieces I had diarrhea again. Continued at 2 pieces 1x per day until October.
11/14/2017 1:1 vape pen (1:1), lotion
11/19/2017 vape cartridge
11/22/2017 2g rosin
11/28/2017 2g rosin

Jan 1 2018 I joined 420mag forums. My first post:Magnus8's Canna Cream - Body Butter - & Canna Lotion Study Hall.

Hi Keshazel I've read all your posts and offer the following suggestions:
1) Your current medicines are a complex mix of strong drugs with many side effects and a need for slow reduction of amount taken.
You need to have a carefully thought out and well managed plan to reduce these.
The order of what gets eliminated or reduced first second etc will matter.
Starting a high dose cannabis therapy program is very risky, especially when you have reacted badly.
2) Its not clear what you are reacting badly to. That has to be sorted out before you can proceed too far.
You are thinking that high doses are necessary to cannabis healing. That is not correct. There is more and more evidence that small amounts are more helpful, and that high doses can make things worse.
I would like to get you started you on a simple safe cannabis therapy program today, right now.
Step one take a teaspoon full of olive oil. Now, bedtime, first thing in the morning. By noon you will know of the olive oil causes you any internal issues.
If that works fine, melt 1/4 gm of your rosin in to say an ounce of warmed olive oil. Once it all blends together, its ready to use. Once cooled, take a tiny bit of the blended oil and place it under your tongue. Hold it there as long as you can, then swallow it.
Report back on the results please.

1/8/18 Olive oil trial ends in failure.
1/12/18 decarb'd 1g of rosin and started dosing at night with 1 drop and increasing slowly.
1/13/18 coconut oil trial. Completed 1/17 Bad reaction.
1/18/18 Successfully completed grapeseed oil trial.

I then pursued information on making a salve or lotion with rosin but never made any cream.

I think I was searching for both a recipe and a chemovaration (or combination. I don't think I know what ratio of rosin to use with the other ingredients. I believe there is more benefit than just pain relief. Sue mentions on a post that it may boost mood.

3/11/18 Purchased Gorilla Glue CO2 oil.
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