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    1st Timer: Auto NL & AK-47

    I did some 'work' today, they look much nicer imo. I cut the net and removed the plants. Tomorrow I'll just try and spread them a little. I'm almost done and my next photo per. seeds will get planted in a day or so. There's a plastic underbed storage almost perfect for them. I found a holiday...
  2. the stuff I added below pots

    the stuff I added below pots

  3. special


  4. 20170317_112229


  5. piece to fix hieght

    piece to fix hieght

  6. better canopy

    better canopy

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    1st Timer: Auto NL & AK-47

    Yeaaaa, new seeds here. All the freebies are sativa dom, oh well. I still have lots of indica too!
  8. New seeds!

    New seeds!

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    1st Timer: Auto NL & AK-47

    New fan/filter and a little tiny NL flower.
  10. NL


  11. New fan/filter

    New fan/filter

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    1st Timer: Auto NL & AK-47

    41 days today. The AK are flowering a little better than the NL (maybe) but they are all doing well. Each AK look very different, 1 has thin sativa leaves and the other are fat like the NL (but lighter color). I just started a light dose of Tiger Bloom today, and I'll slowly stop the Grow Big...
  13. closet almost done

    closet almost done

  14. canopy


  15. Even canopy

    Even canopy

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