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    Hey from West Michigan

    I'm from the GR area too. Theres alot of smokers in this city. ALOT!
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    real smokers check this- no posers

    There are 7 Days in a week There are 52 weeks in a year. There are 15 Blunts a day on average. Thats approximately 5,475 Blunts a year. At between 3-6 Grams each thats right around 48 pounds 8 ounces a year. And thats just the blunts
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    You know you smoke too much when...

    You can never smoke to much :) , But you know you're cuttin' it close when you buy your blunts by the cases and you strap more than 20 Fat Pre-Rolls of that good shit on a belt over your shoulder like Ammo. and for those who believe that smoking to much is a reality, Please leave it...
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    STONERS Stoners Stoners we're the shit spark it up and take a hit take it deep and feel the whoa then relax and let it go Stoners Stoners we're so cool if you doubt us you're a fool get it straight you got it wrong it's ok to hit the bong Stoners Stoners we are great get a...
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    I love Maryjane shes not a bringer of death and when I've lost everything its her I've got left people come and go but Maryjane always stays shes the one constant in my life for all of my days pets will die as will family and friends but Maryjane will be there until the very end she...
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    So Much More than meets the eye

    Its beautiful Its natural Its aromatic and divine its calming and its peaceful its ancient and its fine Its pretty like a rose and delicious like an orange except it doesn't have a peel to peel or any pesky thorns its vibrant and its pure it comes in many different strains and it might...
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    My Maryjane high

    Oh Mary Maryjane I love your sweet splendor you've been around forever you're a never ever ender I'm a big blunt burner a packer of the bowls a puffer of the Cannabis a toker with goals a blazer of the titans a roller of the philly never ever fightin' steady actin' silly as my hazy...
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    So Pot makes you Paranoid?

    So pot makes you paranoid? Isn't that what you hear? but is it really Maryjane that causes such fear? Now think about this as it has often been said "The only thing to fear is fear itself" its all in your head Sure we're all Afraid scared of the law ominously looming its SHOCK and...
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    That is a made out of a $400.00 full face shirld gask mask gask mask though.
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    It didn't takte to long, its the third one that I've built. :) Its so smooth you wouldn't believe it. I'm gonna add an optional nitrous cracker in the ront chamber to propel the smoke. as it is its got al adjustable flow valves to maintain the symetry of the bubble ;) quadruple one way...
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    Peep out what I built http://allpoetry.com/poets/King Bongmaster
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