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    What was your highest yielding strain?

    Haze extreme from a reputable seed bank. Shit grows like crazy takes all the nutes with variable ph u can throw at it and just keeps getting bigger. Ive crossed it with several other strains now and so far its kept those qualities along the way. Got a haze extreme crossed with odyssey, crossed...
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    Adjusting pH is the most annoying thing about growing, hands down

    Are u measuring your PH up/down or just dumping it in? I use small plastic baby medicine type plastic syringes u get from the pharmacy for free. U can easily measure in single milliliters. After doing the same type nutes for a while with the same water I usually add my up or down then measure...
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    Choosing nutrients

    Go with GH flora trio. bout 16 bucks a bottle where I live X 3 bottles needed. Buy a bag or brick of promix hp and thats technically all u need. I use rapid rooters in solo cups with promix to start seeds. Cut small holes in the bottom of the solo cups leave half an inch of water in the drain...
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    White Widow

    Good evening all I just popped 4 crop kings white widow feminized seeds into rapid rooters. I've been waiting about a month to start these due to being away over the summer and am super stoked. I'm curious what everyone's experience was with this strain. I've had some hit and miss strains from...
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    Purple Kush LED Soil Second Grow

    Looks bout right to me. I just finished some CC PK a few weeks ago and they went just over 10 weeks
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    The Candlelight Club: Support Group For Those Running 400W & Less

    My last go I ran 332 real watts under LED and yielded 7 oz so 1 gram per 1.69 watts which is okay I guess. I had 1 sativa dom strain, "JT" I bred myself that produced about half and the rest came from 3 crop kings purple kush that were never happy from about week 2 on. If I planted all JT...
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    Seed Buyers Anonymous

    Aw fuck I just got a single white widow auto I been jonesing to try. Maybe its a gooder....
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    (IMHO) Cannabis has been selectively bred to grow super fast with huge buds. To accomplish this it needs lots of nutes (caveat here some although not most seen to dislike much nutes). Two things need to happen. Correct nutrient mix (keep upping a little at a time till u see slightly burnt tips...
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    What The Good Growers Already Know: Top 5 Lessons For New Growers

    Only tip I haven't seen (or Missed) is make sure you are dialed in before flipping to 12/12 on photo's. If u got issues in veg its gonna be ten times worse when you flip to flower. When flipped to flower your ladies put all their effort into reproduction (buds) and will cannibalize themselves...
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    Bill C-45: Canada's Legalization, The Drama Revs Up

    I agree. I think growing your own fem seeds is probably the best plan under the new regime. Who knows whats going to happen to the existing seed companies. I'm guessing the gov is either going to shut them down or demand a big cut raising prices at the very least.
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    With Canada's 4 plant limit what's the best approach staying within the new law?

    I've been tossing around ideas on the 4 plant limit for best yield, constant, supply, make seed, etc. The way the law is written its 4 period so keeping a mother plant doesn't make much sense because now u are down to 3. I'm thinking just planting auto's a few weeks apart might be the best...
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    Bill C-45: Canada's Legalization, The Drama Revs Up

    Ya that's what I read too. I'm thinking if u had 5 plants that was obviously for personal use you won't be getting 14 years. There are generally sentencing guidelines for stuff like this but I guess not yet. I'm thinking probably a fine. I'm sure it won't take long after Oct to find out.
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    Bill C-45: Canada's Legalization, The Drama Revs Up

    Has anyone read what happens if you go over the 4 plant limit? I read through the law and as near as I can tell all the possible punishments are on the table with no clear guidance yet. I'd ideally like to have a couple more going to keep things rolling along smoothly. With the 4 limit having a...
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    Bill C-45: Canada's Legalization, The Drama Revs Up

    That isn't completely correct. The house can accept the changes as is and send the bill for Royal Assent which would make it a done deal. If they make changes then the whole process pretty well starts all over again. The house will debate and do all their BS before passing the changes then back...
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    Bill C-45: Canada's Legalization, The Drama Revs Up

    Agreed if the house doesn't accept the senate changes it starts all over again. I'm hoping the house passes the bill and then creates a new bill rectifying the stupid changes. Mainly the provincial ability to ban home growing. I'm in BC so no worries for me. For those in Man and Que at least...
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