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    White Widow fem weeks to finish?

    Just curious what people experienced on flower time for this one? I'm at 8 weeks and they are getting so fat with buds I gotta support the branches and it doesn't look anywhere close to done. I don't have a 30X loupe but there is zero red hairs, not one.... I'm trying to time out my switch to...
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    Just venting: Oh and maybe some help too

    What brand do you use? The nearpow ones on amazon get decent reviews.
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    Just venting: Oh and maybe some help too

    Somebody must have found something good that works reliably? What about a more pro grade solution? I'd be willing to spend a few bucks not to see 3 months of effort in my garden all fucked and I bet others would too..... Obviously I don't have a huge garden but time is time plus the pride in...
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    Just venting: Oh and maybe some help too

    So I'm 5 weeks into bud with two white widow and two haze extreme/odyssey cross. Everything is going perfect dialed right in and starting tolook really good. Then I had to go away for a week for work. No prob I finally put together my water pump and tubing kit with drippers I've been trying to...
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    What nutrients are you using

    I'm using General hydroponics trio and Cal mag. Ive been growing for a couple years and just finished my first bottle of bloom nutes (still have some from all the rest). I'm interested in trying other stuff but GH works just fine and its tough to shell out cash when ya got lots.
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    Humid spiking need help

    57% rh is okay assuming your temps are okay. They call it relative for a reason. As temp drops relative humidity goes up without adding any more moisture. To understand this correctly we need RH and temp
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    Mixing soil with coco

    I'm bout to find out myself. I've got two CC White Widow at week 4 in 65% coco 25% promix and 10% organic compost. So far they are the fastest / best looking WW beans I've grown. When I switch to flower it will really show one way or the other. I'm using GH nutes grow micro and bloom plus cal...
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    LED Help & Input

    If you aren't into building your own I'd buy meizhi LED lights. For 1000 you could buy a bunch of their "600" watt equivalent lights. I think they are about 200watt real draw. I still don't think that will give you enough light on 8x8 footprint but on LED I don't think that's gonna happen.
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    Anyone tried one of these lights?

    Was thinking bout using some of these for added light to my other regular LED grow lights. I'd prefer lower color temp for flower but I figure if I added a couple to the mix it might help and maybe use just these for veg. Anyone tried one and what were your results? Feit Electric 38-Watt/4000...
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    4 plants max?

    Thanks for the replies all. Yes I'm only indoors in a 4X4X8 tent. 4 in flower is generally full except for my veg space which I'd really like to use to start a proper breeding program. I guess 'll see down the road. Gonna stick to 4 for now.
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    4 plants max?

    With 4 I can grow way more than enough for myself but it does piss me off a bit. Things like crossing/cloning/producing seed etc are really fucked when you have to commit a whole quarter of what coulda been crop to that. I've just not bothered cuz I don't need hassle..... Just curious what the...
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    What was your highest yielding strain?

    Haze extreme from a reputable seed bank. Shit grows like crazy takes all the nutes with variable ph u can throw at it and just keeps getting bigger. Ive crossed it with several other strains now and so far its kept those qualities along the way. Got a haze extreme crossed with odyssey, crossed...
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    Adjusting pH is the most annoying thing about growing, hands down

    Are u measuring your PH up/down or just dumping it in? I use small plastic baby medicine type plastic syringes u get from the pharmacy for free. U can easily measure in single milliliters. After doing the same type nutes for a while with the same water I usually add my up or down then measure...
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    Choosing nutrients

    Go with GH flora trio. bout 16 bucks a bottle where I live X 3 bottles needed. Buy a bag or brick of promix hp and thats technically all u need. I use rapid rooters in solo cups with promix to start seeds. Cut small holes in the bottom of the solo cups leave half an inch of water in the drain...
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    White Widow

    Good evening all I just popped 4 crop kings white widow feminized seeds into rapid rooters. I've been waiting about a month to start these due to being away over the summer and am super stoked. I'm curious what everyone's experience was with this strain. I've had some hit and miss strains from...
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