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    Best Grow lights?

    Depend on your finances and your room space! I'm not a LED believer and my choice is always the same for years; 1000W Hortilux (there are getting cheaper in most state). I bulb per 5' x 5', it always worked very well for me.
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    Nutri+ Fertilizer vs Advanced Nutrients

    Every, Did you start your crop yet? I know someone who got Nutri+ nutes as sample shipped to his house for free! He was with Advanced and told me that the difference is not noticeable. BTW, did a nutrient company take the "Big Mike" challenge yet?
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    Peace From Maine!

    Hi! Welcome! I use to live not too far from you but the other side of the border(Quebec). If you are low in cash, I would suggest to contact some nutrient company for samples. Some of the new company gives some 1L to 4L size bottle samples in exchange of your feedback. I know Nutri+, Yellow...
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    Advice on harvesting mite-infestet buds?

    I know it will sound a little bit silly but 1 of my friend in Canada use to have mites on every crops he had for more than one year without successfully get rid of them and he was using a vacuum on the plant before harvesting. I wouldn't have smoke his stuff but it seems like it was working for...
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    Dimmable ballast

    I've never been a big fan of dimmable; I don't see myself running my lights under full capacity. Is it only convenient when you want to use it for clones or seedling or when you can't totally control your temperature? I don't see other reasons to dim and for those reasons, I rather try managing...
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    Titan Controls: Flo N Gro Review

    Nice thread guys! I was looking for some info about that system and I found it all here. I might consider trying it in 2012.
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    Nutri+ Plant Nutrients Review

    My fathers always says: "You CAN'T afford to be cheap!" When you grow, this rule applies more than ever. Nutrients are only one part of a big equation; be sure your plant are in the best conditions and the results will come ... Nutrients are as different than every plants are different so it's...
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    Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

    Summer 2011, Montreal-Canada, commercial indoor was $150/oz, high quality Sativa was 200-225/oz and they expect to have some high quality outdoor for $140/oz by the end of September.
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    Surprise Visit / "Oh crap!" moment

    10 wooded acres? They were no way to hide 4 plants in a better place? That reminds me when I had to undo a 6x1000w grow room and transferred the 6 weeks blooming plants(96) in a Budget truck for the same reasons ; the guy wanted to come inside for the appraisal! I told him to come back in 48...
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    Which odor control

    Hi, i would go for a carbon filter all the way; they are easy to use and some smaller size for a grow tent are not so expensive. Bad smell can kill a project; invest the money; it worth it on the long run! Good Luck!
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    Supply shop in dallas

    Check on growshop.com, there is a store locator
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    Grow Big-San Diego Trade Show

    At the concourse center downtown. Check the list of seminars: Saturday it's industry day and Sunday it's growers day, if you go on grow big expo you could get free ticket. August 27, 2011 2:00PM-2:30PM Training for store owners to have their shops become official training centers for the...
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    Grow Big-San Diego Trade Show

    I should be at the San Diego "Grow Big" trade show this weekend; I heard it is a good event, lots of freebies, cheap beer! Anyone went last year? The ticket are free for Sunday.I saw the pictures and peoples seems that they had fun. It's gonna be my first time in S.D.
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    Opening a hydroponics store

    I have a few good indoor gardening/hydroponic domain names (.com) if someone ever interested to do online business.
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    Ph down

    Here my friend, i copied something from another post; you need to provide more information when you ask for advices. Although the book would be the best idea... REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR GROW SUPPORT What Strain is it? Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? How Many Plants? Is it in...
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