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    Need Advice/Experience on First Grow +Seedbanks/Strains

    Positive outlook ferries... Yea I'm accustom to sponsors
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    Need Advice/Experience on First Grow +Seedbanks/Strains

    So i'm planning on starting my first grow soon, as of now i'm getting my grow room setup. So i thought i'd post and see if anyone has had first hand experience with the Seed Banks affiliated with Attitude? Or if you've had experience with the strains i'll be receiving? (below) I just ordered...
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    Purple Cheese and Little Cheese

    Where did you get the Purple Cheese seeds? AWESOME GROW! Beautiful plants
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    Cannabis Oil Cured My Cancer

    WOW! AMAZING story man! love to hear people beat the odds, man oh man i am very happy you overcame your cancer (such a devastating disease) Hemp Oil can do great wonders. Hopefully i can find a caregiver to make some Oil for me for daily uses! :Namaste:
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    How to grow

    wow awesome! Helps tons! As a rookie for growing it's been a trail & error type of thing which i expected. Great Guide THANKS!
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    Yea i was thinking mostly indica strains.i will have to try some Northern Lights i'm actually a begginer at growing medically, so i was just wondering what strains worked best for you with this condition. i was thinking a good one to try would be ''Night Shade'' from Barney's farm a cross...
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    What types seem to help you best with this disorder? specific strains if possible.:Namaste:
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    Sour Grape

    Im Smoking on this type of bud right now..its some real good stuff..one of my new favs.
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    Wazo been educated first chance on planting weed

    Alright thanks man, im looking forward to it
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    Wazo been educated first chance on planting weed

    Yea man no problem..Im really interested in seeing how that Bubblelicious turns out,I have actually never grown any plants yet but am planning on starting my first grow soon.So im just searching around loooking at everyones grow's and just trying to get as many tips as possible so i dont screw...
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    Wazo been educated first chance on planting weed

    I'll tune into that grow journal for sure!! Your plants look nice! :yummy: :goodjob:
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    santa maria

    Re: flwr rm Well DAMN! Nice grow man! :thumb:
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    Lowrider2/AK47 (EasyRyder) 50 days from seed!

    Yea i was thinking the same..Someone should probably delete all our post as i got all the proper information i needed..And Thanks Pop Kulture :thumb:
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    A couple more Questions

    I was wondering if anyone has bought the ''Ultimate Grow Kit'' from NirvanaShop.com,Cause ofcourse this is my first grow and im just wondering if i bought this (Ultimate Grow Kit) what else would i need to start my first grow? So for example say i bought the Ultimate Grow Kit today what else...
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    What is your favorite thing to do when your high?

    i'd say listen to music,Do random stuff,And smoke more lol..But most of the time when im high i think of something fun to do and then i forget. PS.When im high i try not to mess around with important things cause i will fiddle around with them and next thing you know i will have no clue where i...
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