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    Will 2016 be the year Missouri legalizes cannabis?

    Two initiative petitions have been filed with Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander. Show-Me Cannabis' petition would legalize, tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol. Adults 21 years and older would be able to purchase cannabis for medical or recreational use. The second petition was...
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    The Liberation of Missouri

    I just graduated from the University of Missouri and was elected to be a board member on the newly-established Mid-Missouri NORML chapter. We aren't giving up until we see cannabis legalized — hopefully in 2016! :cheer2:
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    Hello, I'm Laurien!

    Hello everyone! :Namaste: My name is Laurien, pronounced like DeLorean without the "duh," and I am a Massachusetts native living in Missouri — hoping to see cannabis legalization happen here in 2016! I'm a recent college grad, aspiring War on Drugs watchdog, and Mid-MO NORML board member...
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