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    How much do you smoke?

    when I'm not growing, I portion my shit out. Doesn't matter either way, because it's quality.
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    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    Re: Post your "Creme de la Creme" Cannabis Photos
  3. IMG_0778


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    Signifigance of 4:20

    it's 420 somewhere.
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    SmokeyMacPot's Picture Thread

    Re: My Picture Thread Damn these buds are lookin' good as HELL. rowr.
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    Ima Weed-aholic

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    Does anyone...

    jungle and dnb are the best, tho.
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    Does anyone...

    hahahah.. I love how you said. [i'm not a raver] SO WHAT?! I listen to all electronic music.. but that doesn't make you a raver.
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    Matanuska Valley's Picture Thread

    Re: Matanuska Valley,s picture thread.... Holy fucking shit.
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    Random rhyming

    The third line has to be the stupidest thing I've ever read. Sammy.. that was a nice quicky. Props.
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    Your first...

    My first was a pretty good time. Most of my friends around that time were smokers, and I just wasn't into it, but this one time before school, we were standing in the parking lot and 3 ellz were rotating around, and it was offered. Now.. I was high after the first fucking hit. I loved it...
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    Favourite method of smoking?

    A dutchie when i'm with the friends, then a nice fat bong pack to hit the spot.
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