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  • Good morning kind sir, my fledgling journal is up and running, still early days so far, but as you are my influence for this flux grow I wanted to let you know. I don't expect you to really have a look but just want to say thanks for your knowledge and guidance in all your journals so far... Have a blessed day....
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    Would love to every now and then share something cool I stumble across
    But all good if not, I understand you must be incredibly busy these days!
    Was this directed at me...?
    nah was accidental reply to your comment insteadof light ddicts, its funny how they removed the comment on lights page due to the email address buty left it as a responbse to your comment? find it strange...
    You are the Howard Marks of 420
    A true warrior and I feel very proud to call you my friend and brother :)
    My Mrs gets to hear about 420 an shes a follower ,, you are becoming or have become a rockstar in the field
    Please dont stop you inspire so many of us :high-five:
    Hey growlover420 :)
    OK so with the feed ill find out some US distributors for you :) Ill ask Bill himself from GET, hes a pal of mine and should be able to help. Hydrotops ill try and find some info but havent talked with them directly yet :)

    Now for nutes and autos, simply put dont go to hard or early in the beginning. yet you want to use veg right until you see flowers starting to form, then switch to flower nutes :)
    Anyone from uk on here able to help a newby grower msg me
    So sorry I'm such a noob just don't want to make anyone mad I don't know this website like I should do a lot of reading an not leaning the site an no rush on the answers or response and thank you in advanced truly appreciate it
    Ps. Light look good I know the ladies are going to love it :adore::adore::goodjob::thanks::thanks::thanks::thanks:team LA:cheer:
    Hey LA been looking up in of on the nuts like what iv read about both the GET The Aroma formula with Humex and Fulvex and Hydrotops but can't find a website were the list in USA dollars or say the send to the USA was wondering if you could please help me out?
    And just to double check for autos if I'm going to be using CFLs and t5 for like the first 2 weeks and then switch to HPS should I only use my veg nuts for the first two or three weeks (or until I see the sex) and the majority of my plant life I will be using flower Nuts? thank you so much for taking your time out to help me in advance thank you an so sorry for taking up so much space just let me know where u reply to u are the man p.s. can't wait for the video
    I can't send PMs yet since I don't have enough posts, but I saw those 420 Magazine stash jars in a picture you uploaded, and was wondering where you got them from. I couldn't find anything on the site unless I'm blind. Thanks :)
    Hiya Ketingrad. I do apologise my friend I have never used one and have very little knowledge on the subject :)
    Hi my friend, no its simply being a member and posting comments that are informative, helpfull, etc. Also journaling is a great way to really get them. They are given primarily by other members for your work and contributions. Winning comps you do get some also, but yeah off other members for Iinput. Hope that answers
    Best of green to you. Enjoy 420!
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