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    2nd Grow Grand Daddy Purps,Purple Lavender, Platinum OG

    Ok I built a tent with PVC pipes, and Panda film, and Black duct tape I have 2-Grand Daddy Purps 2-Platinum OG 1-Purple Lavender I bought these at different collectives as clones. I am running a 400W ushio Metal Halide Bulb for veg 400W ushio Super High Pressure Sodium bulb...
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    I Am a Newbie

    It will be ok for one plant but you will have to watch the height prob flower earlier like 2-3 week veg. also watch your temps its going to get hot in that little tent. what lights are you running?
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    Budding & Flowering Marijuana

    I want to see the first stages of flowering any one got any pics?
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