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    SOG Strains

    I have a SoG, (first time I heard it called that) and found that how you clip your clones can make a dif in its branching more or less, and my favs so far are Grapfruit and White Riser. The W.R. is a bread my buddy made with (white) rino and (early riser). Indoors in a ebon unit it grows 1 or 2...
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    ventilation question

    A good floresent lighting is Sun Systems, they have some great grow lights for clones and foilage. (sunlightsupplys.com) :439: :bong: Variety is the spice of life!
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    browning leaves?

    Re: browning leaves??? I not a big fan of miracle grow unless u growing roses and I use a special soil that is more nuetral. I like use organics, (Fox Farms has some good products) and check your ph in water, u want it low like 6. If there not a place near u to buy such fertlizers then get some...
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    I dont know if u figured it out yet, since your post is a week old. I hope your clone was rooted all ready and u put it in dirt. If so, wait till it grows some branches that have atleast 3 nodes. take a sterile sharp razor blade and make a 45 degree cut at the 3rd node. place the end in rooting...
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    Alittle help please..

    My first guess would be lighting, that the most important factor. perhaps your lights are to far away, floresent does not put out but a few inches, keep your plant on the edge of the heat zone of the light. :cool027:
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    How Long Do Fully Dry?

    Do'es it matter if u dry in total darkness?
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    Is my plant going to bud?

    Re: Is my plant going to bud??? It takes more than a few hours to put in bud stat. I have broght plants in bud stat back to foilage and then back to bud them. did slow their growth slightly, but did fine.
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    Help!... Mothers and clones

    Re: Help!!... Mothers and clones I have found that when your mother starts looking bad that the soil maybe not good anymore. So I rotate it out with a clone and bud the old mother. keeps fresh mothers, and I do alot of trading with friends. Variety, the spice of life!
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    1st Step

    there is also a high output floresent, Brew n Grow has a good web sight with lights and all. I like it for clipings and foilage, the heat output is min.
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