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    Chronic Pain

    i also have migraines.. mmj is the only thing i have found that acctually works and keep my migraines away. no medicine helps and smoking:rollit: is the only solution to my chronic pain. im just so glad to have found out so young be cause ive had migraines as long as i can remember and im thru...
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    New MeMbeR!

    thankz everybody for the welcoming:rollit:
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    Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

    yup.. in california (US) its about 15$ a gram or a "dub"
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    Greetings From Nor Cal

    NoRtheRN caLi is wheRe its at weRd to that
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    You might be a pothead if.

    if u listen to sumblime while smoking 2 joints
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    New MeMbeR!

    wuts up everybody.... im new here and so far im have been enjoying it.... i sufer from migraines and mmj is the only answer for me... i should be getting my club card soon, hopefully, next week. well if anybody else also suffers from migraines and knew any info on migraines and weed hit me up...
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    Migraine Headaches

    ]yes!! i have been suffering from migraines for as long as i can remember and im only 18!... ive tried everything, shots, blood tests, head scans, pills dont work at all they usually just make them work and i have finally found the answer... MARIJUANA.. im so lucky to have found a treatment for...
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