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    100% pure sativa fast flowering?

    i'll be sure to check those outs, what you guys think about dp durban poison? says 8-9 weeks another one i came across is barneys utopia haze
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    100% pure sativa fast flowering?

    I dont know where 7 weeks came from? so you're saying 9-10 weeks then, thats cool, which strains would you refer then?
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    100% pure sativa fast flowering?

    anybody know a pure sativa with fast flowering time?
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    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    you ever noticed some of the trichome heads actually turn purple too?
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    CBD Effects Sativa vs Indica?

    as its the thc and terpines that gets you high i would imagine its exactly the same differences.
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    Anyone found a strain with say around 10% CBD and 15-20+ THC?

    the only people that are doing these kind of numbers consistently and with tested proof, afaik are the isrealis, cbd crew are probably the next closest thing but playing catch up. its not for sale as its unavailble without medical prescription but this is the closest ive seen Tikun Olam's...
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    420's Outdoor CBD Therapy Grow Journal - 2016

    although the therapy grows very well in size and colour, for some reason maybe (low thc) it has a lot lower resistance to pests i think.
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    A question about Coco Coir...

    sometimes people misinterpret text over the internet, dont worry it's all good. what he said is correct though. stick around and keep reading and asking questions :)
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    420's Outdoor CBD Therapy Grow Journal - 2016

    hi greenheart, your plant looks very good, dont remove any leaves, just leave it for more buds. Now the weather should start getting warmer, try putting the cuttings in a 15 or 20 litre pot i think they will do well and get even bigger than their mother.
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    Is this cannabis or not?

    you accidently monster cropped it. It would have produced many budsites for you if you kept it.
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    Are they ready? CBD Critical Mass - Lots of pics

    looking great, theres not much point leaving this strain longer, it matures quite early and once the hairs turn brown it wont do very much else after that, it will give the effect you're after without the ambers dont worry, ;)
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    Making seeds - Auto mother with photo father or vice versa?

    ok cool, so male is more dominant thanks :)
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    Making seeds - Auto mother with photo father or vice versa?

    which way round? or what would the differences be doing the other way auto father instead?
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    List of High CBD Auto Flowering Cannabis Strains available as seed

    thanks for th einfo, i just came here to post the same news but you beat me to it, also i didnt know about the dinafem, i have therapy at the moment and it looks good.
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    Is there a way to grow organic with autopots?

    on their site it says it will clog the pipes.
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