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  • im not sure y its doing the moderated thing , i think i might have some mold on tnt kush or something is wrong it started smelling like grass as to weed it has me worried a litte ill be doing a lot of reading tonight lol...yea i seen ur journal it looks great man got to love growing.
    Mill street!!! I loved that area.. you can go to the safeway and see the finest women walking around the frozen section in booty shorts and tube top with out the bras lol.. i hope the linked helped you out. im starting week 6 on tomorrow and they are looking sweet. have you checked out my grow journal yet? its labeled mandsgrow first grow. do you know why it keeps saying that your messages are unapproved? and does it say that my messages are moderated? cuz it says that your messages are moderated. im going to post some pics tomorrow at the start of week 6 so check um out. peace!
    thanks man, i dont want to call it a male or a hermi cause of the one branch, cause the buds look amazing, ill check the link right now thanks, just down the street from asu and apache
    I have not heard of that send me a link if you can. what part of az do you live in? i used to live on apache in tempe so i know what you mean by it is hot as hell. what stage of flowering are you in right now?
    that sucks on the humidity its hot as hell here so humidity is not a prob but keeping my temps down is i had to by an a/c from the depot for my room, i read some where there is something i can get to make sure male chromesones do not appear in your plant, ever heard of such thing? i will find a link about it if u have not
    yea but it was on one branch one on the bottom of my plant other than that the plant is the best one in the room so i am taking it out every day and looking over every inch of it i also do it to my other 4 as well
    but my grow is doing well i just posted some new pics last week and will try to get some up by the end of this week. the temp has been way low where im at so its hard to keep my humidity down, but they are strong.
    Bro you need to get that plant with the pollen sack out of your room right away before they open and fertilize the girls. you will have nugs with seeds. i believe in the how to grow marijuana forum there are pics to show you what a female looks like and what males look like. if the sac look like a bunch of little grapes you have a male plant and it needs to be pulled.
    my grow is going good, other than i found a pollen sac on one plant cut it off and now waiting to see what happens, how is your grow going?
    Hey thanks for the friend request, love ur pic gallery, im on my first grow started flowering my first five 24 days ago, i hope i can get some buds like urs any advise or suggestions are always awesome cause im just going off what ive have picked up online off others grow. :peace2
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