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  • Hey old friend! Just wanted to stop in and say high. You were always very helpful and showed me tons of support during my start up grows, just want to say thanks again. I hope all is well in your world brother. You were legendary when you were still on here, so I can only imagine where your garden's at now! I wish you peace and prosperity Stinky Mcbudz, this one is for you man. :joint:
    Hello mate, remember me? hope your ok im going to be starting another grow soon i'll keep you posted.
    sorry to bother you but could you point me in the direction of how and why i should do scrog i have a small closet grow 3'x3'x8' have plenty of height but am only using a 4oo watt mh couple cfls but am getting alot of wasted groth on lower branche i want to improve my qauntity thanks in advance
    Thank you for helping us create Cannabis awareness to the world. You are a Cannabis Warrior and I am truly grateful for everything you do to help our mission succeed. We're almost there, thanks to you! :adore:
    hey thx McBudz! I gotta question I thought was too boring for a thread.. but I can't keep my humidity up over 37%, and I've just started 12/12 in about the 4th week. At night I can turn my vent fan down (I got a speed controller for it) but during the day I need it for temp control. Can I use my equipment differently to fix the prob. or am I going to have to buy a humidifier? Thx again for all your help.
    Hey man! how are you? I can see your online and I have a question for you...do you know how i can fix my signature? because mine shows only the link name..and I can see other people got proper names for they're links to they're grow journal....
    hey thanks for looking at ol' hippies plants. I thought it was a cal, lock-up from ph. Oh well I can't always be right. And Thanks again for honoring my request, hopefully it will help him out.
    can you stop by the problems thread? ol' hippy has a problem I would like to get your input on it thanks
    Wow man i was just checking out your White Widow Grow and i must say you have done a great job! If i can get my nugs to look half as good as yours i will be more then satisfied! Do you usually harvest around 8 weeks?
    Hey McBudz,
    I ran into some trouble last night and was wondering if you could hop over to my journal and offer any feedback.

    hey mcbudz now the leaves and stems are out of those I put to germ. i have them under a 80 watt fluro but there strenching bad can i put them in my veg room with the 1000 watt light or will that be too much
    I just plant my clones that i bought 4 days ago into the dirt out of 40 only 18 survived the ones that died had no roots the other ones are not looking to good there kind of droopong and have some yellow on the tips they are under 3 1000 watt lights on 18/6 cycle the temps are from 75/82 degrees I have a ceiling fan and a 16" fan in the room plus a 5000 btu wall a/c and a 4" 171 cfm exhaust fan running every hour for 30 mins I have been spraying them every 4 hours with water i have been giving them nutes every other spray ff grow big and ff big bloom and i planted them with there rockwool cube I wish i had pics but i dont thats way im trying to explain the most possible please any help would be great
    Greetings McBudz,
    I saw your reply in the sticky "What is PH?" thread and thought I might send you a personal query.
    I'm running into some significant PH issues with my hydro grow... at least it seems like a major problem to me.
    I'm adding allot of PH down on a daily basis to keep my ph in the 6.2ish range. Sometimes 3 or 4 tsp a day. This really seems like crazy to me. Other people I've seen chatting about the subject don't seem to be doing nearly as much adjustment as I.
    I see by your post that you pay allot of attention to your PH. In your opinion, do you feel the the adjustments I'm making are fairly normal? This is my first hydro grow, and I don't really have anything to compare it to.

    Thanks for your time!


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