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  • Been doing good and staying Sooooo busy! Glad to be back now tho and look forward to seeing you all more often! :smokin2:
    Hi there! Was just checking with you on the photos. Did you get it figured out or do you still need some help? Would love to see the art you were talking about! :3:
    Yes, I used Earth Juice Rootstock at 2 tbls per 1/2 gallon. Pre Mix and apply to rockwool, soaking it. Then hold it up and let it drop while holding it to shake out excess water. Most of the time I use just straight H2O
    Good luck with the Deep Water Culture!
    I'm doing better then I deserve, as my friend would say.
    I just noticed the full moon has a cool aura.
    Thanks for dropping in and asking. I'm not doing as well as I could, I'm sort of feeling hopeless at this point due to the problem of not having a local Co-Op dispensary within 150 miles of my home. All of the somewhat local Co-Ops closed their doors in 2007 because of DEA raids but I recently heard that there may be a couple of places opening soon but thats stll a 210 mile round trip for me. I hope all is well with you and thanks again my friend.
    Hey! Yea, I was born at night too. not sure if it was a full moon. lol
    still growing 4 days to harvest! can't wait!
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