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  • Dude its so good to hear from you....wow I cant believe you moved to California..oh I get it you think they are going to legalize dont you? LOL anyway we are also moving as soon as our house sells we are driving down to "the villages" in florida. stay in touch, Oh and what part of cali are you in? later dude take care
    The reason I stopped by here was to ask if you could do me a favor when you get a chance and that is to look at my picture gallery and help me to pick out two pics for the Jan NOM contest Heavyherb Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery Thank you
    your kidding MV got popped? for real? OH I think that was a long time ago....hope hes ok now... let me know if you hear anything.......that picture is so dam funny tho isnt it??
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    Hey dude check out my latest post on my journal...i need your advice and also check out this pic of matanuska valleys nut sack hehehe lol I think he smokes too much weed
    41 - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
    hey dude thanks for stoppin by hope you have a happy new year! I jus posted some new pics today....glad it stopped snowing, are you in the valley or anchorage?:cool027:
    Glad to help bro! Learn all you can, then give back by helping others when you are ready...;)
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