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    First closet grow

    The plants look great! Way to improvise.
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    anyone been caught w/ bud?

    My close call was great! When I lived in Wisconsin, I still drove down to IL 3-4 hours each way to supply myself with medicine because the prices were so much better so I usually drove there once a month and picked up an ounce or 2 and sometimes when I had the money, I'd pick up a QP. Well, at...
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    anyone been caught w/ bud?

    OK, I have two stories. One I got caught and the other was a lucky break. The only time I've ever been caught, I was sitting in my living room smoking a bowl with my brother and I had about a quarter's worth in a small bottle already cleaned. I heard a knock at the door at about 10pm and went...
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    Weed Culture and attitude in your area?

    I used to live in PA just outside of Elmira, NY. I lived in Gillett up on top of a mountain lol. I worked in Elmira the entire time I lived there and eventually found a hookup at my job. There definitely are people that do it there, but it doesn't seem like as many do there as in IL or WI. I...
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    What are Compact Fluorescents and How Can I use them for Growing?

    "Although you can successfully grow and flower a cannabis plant under a fluorescent, your results will be poor and you will most likely be disappointed. Use these lights only for seedlings and clones, and perhaps the vegetative stage of the cycle. A HID light is recommended for flowering." I...
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    LOL! MsRedEye is giving you the wisdom of a woman. Most men don't understand it.
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    Re: Am I getting ripped off??? I'm bitchin when I have to spend $160 an ounce for better than usual quality around here. I think it's just certain areas that have high prices because when I lived in WI, the people selling hydro from Madison were trying to get me to buy for $400 an O and at...
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    Boss's 12/12 Day 60 >

    You know, if it ever does get legalized, FL would be a beautiful place to grow outside!
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    Home Invaders May Pose As Police

    I guess that could be considered grounds for not cooperating with the pigs when they come to do a seizure. You can say that you're not sure if it was cops or thieves. This is just another good reason to decriminalize mj. It's proof positive that having to be underground causes more crime.
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    The relationship will never last if you are already having to give up things you care about. I'd let her know how you feel about it. I've been with my wife for over 10 years and she doesn't smoke, but she would much rather me smoke herb than drink alcohol and make an ass of myself. She has no...
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    Boss's Poor Mans Grow

    Congratulations Boss and good luck with the move.
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    Skunk Becomes Drug Of Choice For Cannabis Users

    I'm guessing they heard some 15 yr old informant facing charges say it lol.
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    New grow (grow B) SD & ATF

    I love your grow room. If I had the room, I'd be doing the same size setup. Just curious, what does that setup cost to run a month for electric?
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