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  • Just letting you know that I finally got my card after more than 2 years. Hope all is well with you? I need to find you on facebook again.

    Thank You VERY much for your kind words and for your Vote,, young Lady.. !! .. Im Humbled and Honored,, Thank You.. !!

    Did you Vote for me in the MOTM Contest too,, lol.. ?? .. Thank You yet again if you did.. ..

    Much Love and Respect to you and yours,, Maam.. ..
    I dont use it for any REAL medical problems. It helps me remember to eat and I got my license for bad cramps and stuff during menstruation :) but I didn't feel it necessary to put that on my profile haha.. (altho i just did now)
    You have a medical card but it says you don't use Mj medically on your profile. I don't have a card bc my state doesn't offer it but I use it a lot recreationally, and medically each night for Insomnia. It's a dream come true (pun intended lol) to be able to get to sleep.
    Thanks for the friend request! I cut mens/boys hair in a Barber Shop where the environment used to be seriously hostile & full of drama. Now I don't give a crap about the drama. I got edibles! :p
    Yeah I have my card too. ALL types of people join the celebration :D lol its awesome. Its a tradition that will last forever in Boulder. Gotta love it.
    Wow, i would give anything to attend something like this. I have an aunt who lives in Colorado Springs and she has her medical card but i doubt she attends events. I however live down in the southeast US. To my knowledge, there aren't ANY type of cannabis gatherings down here. :(
    Yeah its in CO its at Colorado University in Boulder... Every year thousands of ppl gather in a huge court yard and light up in honor of 4/20 at 4:20pm
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