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    Quest diagnostics urine test, did i drink too much water?

    Thank you for the reply. Hope it turns out OK, freaking myself out a bit. Shouldn't of had so much water.
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    Quest diagnostics urine test, did i drink too much water?

    Hey guys i am 2 months clean but being dumb I drank 32 oz of water a hour before my drug test. It was my second pee of the day, i had to go badly. I am afraid I will turn up as negative-diluted. What do you think? Is 32oz of water to much water a hour before the test for someone that is 5'8...
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    Mkrop's DWC

    Hey Goldmouf :welcome: The clones are about a week old and the cookie dream is about 2 months from germination. She should really start to shoot up with the 360MH though :MoreNutes:
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    Mkrop's DWC

    Thanks Papasmoke1127 and CO Finest. :Namaste: My air stones are the round flat air stone disks 6in and I am running three buckets on the Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump with 6 outlets, 45L per minute. I found them at my local hydro store, love them so far.:high-five: :420: Happy Growing!
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    Mkrop's DWC

    Hey everyone, plants are looking great. Just started showing roots on the Platinum Bubba Kush! Set up my 3x3 with MH at 360 Watts, so the girls should start to shoot up. Defoliated the Cookie Dream, that way it can bounce back with healthy new growth and allow the others to catch up. So the plan...
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    Heavy Duty Fruity DWC

    Hey own, how are you doing congrats on your first grow and here's to many more :48: spread the love brother.. regarding your grow, the only thing i could suggest is to get black tubing as algae will grow in your tubes if light can penetrate, which is fine if you feel like cleaning them...
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