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    HB10-1284 set to be voted on tomorrow

    latest on hb1284 03/22/10 A more patient-friendly bill? Amended medical pot bill to limit industry being heard today Gene Davis, DDN Staff Writer Monday, March 22, 2010 A medical marijuana reform bill being heard today by a House committee has been altered to make it more...
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    HB10-1284 set to be voted on tomorrow

    Tomorrow from 1:30 to 7pm the Colorado House will come together at the state capitol building in Denver to vote on HB10-1284. The bill creates the medical marijuana licensing authority in the department of revenue. Much of the language of the bill treats dispensaries as liquor stores or...
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    Advice on starting new dispensary?

    My thoughts since I work with many new ones: 1. Find space--biggest challenge. 2. Read your lease before you sign--seen many sign before they read. 3. Reseach cities that will present the least challenge down the road. We have seen a few have to shut their doors after opening. 4...
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    HB 1284 Simplified Version: How it impacts MMD's

    House Bill 1284 is a 48-page monstrosity seeks to eliminate 80% of existing dispensaries. HB1284 would: · Create a "Medical Marijuana Enforcement Investigator" that would be allowed to perform warrantless searches of dispensaries. They would be able to come in and count and weigh a...
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    Any dispensaries out there heard from the City of Denver on license?

    The reason I'm asking is a lot of the people we work with have their application for a license submitted with the city, but haven't heard anything. Over 200 appications for dispensary licenses were submitted with a fee--anyone heard back from the city? Please let us know since I know...
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    # of caregivers or dispensaries in Michigan?

    We are searching. thanks
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    # of caregivers or dispensaries in Michigan?

    I was curious to know how many are out there in Michigan? Thanks
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    New laws and regulations around the corner for Colorado MMD MMJ Industry

    Hi All, I think 2010 will be an pivotal year for regulation on the MMD and MMJ industry for Colorado. In my opinion, I think if you are considering becoming a caregiver or cardholder you might start the process now in order to be grandfathered in prior to any new regulations. Apparently...
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    1st it was Cannamart then Plant 4 Life

    In case you don't follow some of this stuff. Cannamart was shut down by the City of Centennial. They filed a lawsuit and won the case. Then Plant 4 Life was shut down by the City of Castle Rock. Now read what happens>>> Medical marijuana dispensary victory in Castle Rock: Town backs down...
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