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  • Hey Mmmmick. How u been? I was wonderin if Weedtastic still comes to the forums. U heard from him lately? I haven't seen him around in a long time.
    You want some spider mites ?? I'll send you some !! 3 weeks into flower and i sprayed them with earth grow . Hope by harvest, ( around Xmas), the chemicals will be gone. I figured I had few choices, as they can suck the life from a plant within two weeks !! Bottle said you can use it the day before harvesting vegetables ?? Never had mite before !! Hope all is good ?? And happy turkey day !!
    Don't even trip I give notice if I read some things that make sense and sound itelectual man so that's why so just keep it up I like the help here.
    Hey sorry to be late Happy 1th of July. I remember to party has much has 4 th of JUly when I was living in Canada. Miss the old country.
    I'll pm you a couple of things to try. Once your past the rectifier it should be DC only. Some measurements will be in power off mode.

    PM a little later tonight. I probably wouldn't notice either, even the 90w is hard to look at.
    Yea Mmmmick, i know about 12 volt electrical systems, like in autos, but when it comes to working with ac, i know little. I really don't know how long they've been using only 1/2 the bulbs. I got both of them over my 14 clones in one gal containers, and they seem to be doing the job. But i bet it's a simple fix, and if you find that guy that had the same problem, i'd sure appreciate any advice you can pm me !! i'm glad that you know someone else with the same problem. I really never looked at them till recently, then i noticed that only 1/2 was lit !! Just a dummass country boy !! I'm a big fan of your attempt to scrogg with the 90 watt led !! thanks for any info you can shoot my way !! And good luck !!
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