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    Just sayin hello

    Welcome to the 420 Mag family! So many great knowledgeable people here. reach out for any advice or just to share. Pictures always work best to get accurate guidance. Have a great day!
  2. Momma’s Kitchen

    First Grow!!!

    looks great! Welcome to 420 Mag!
  3. Momma’s Kitchen

    Comment by 'Momma’s Kitchen' in media 'Afghani Frosty Buds'

    What does this mean? Lol
  4. Momma’s Kitchen

    Comment by 'Momma’s Kitchen' in media 'Afghani Male flower'

    I have start my take down. A few reasons... I wish I would go longer but things were changing. I saw a seed on one plant, so I just decided I'll take down those that are most ready till they are down. I am so amazed at the colours. these pics have no filter that is just the way they turned out...
  5. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Take down
  6. Afghani


    Frosty no filter goodness! Smells even better
  7. Afghani


    Me luvs
  8. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

  9. Afghani


    Fabulous colours No filter
  10. Afghani


    Smells great too! So Vibrant! I'm in love
  11. Momma’s Kitchen

    Gelato & Super Lemon & Gorilla Glue, Feminized

    All is good in the room. I was hoping to transplant today but that will have to happen in a couple of days. I am in the throes of taking down Afghani,Shiva Skunk, and my Cheese from my other journal. Just thought I'd share the beginning of my take down.
  12. Gorilla Glue, Super Lemon, Gelato

    Gorilla Glue, Super Lemon, Gelato

    You can start to see the difference between them
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