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    <p>week 5 flowering :)</p>
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    Drooping fan leaves

    thank you :))) they were under watered i gave them all a half cup of water and they are standing again :D the fan is also facing up at the lights so there is barely even a breeze
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    Drooping fan leaves

    ive got 3 pineapple kush 1 blue mystic.. temp stays around 25°C amd hum is 40%-50% and ive got a fan in the middle of the tent. the fan leaves on the two lower plants ( in pic) are drooping and i was wondering why this could be happening, after dark time they are up again but after time they...
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    Help - I think they are under-watered

    thank you ! ive started giving them water and they are seemingly starting to stand again !
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    Help - I think they are under-watered

    i have 3 pineapple kush and 1 blue mystic under 2 300 watts hydro mars LED week 2 flowering 12/12 light cycle im certain they arent over watered but could possibly be under watered... any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!! ive oploaded a picture below if you guys cant see it...
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    What size tent for Mars Hydro 300 watts?

    Thank you, ive ordered the second light!!
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    What size tent for Mars Hydro 300 watts?

    hey so im a week into flowering... 3 pineapple kush and 1 blue mystic. i had a 250 hps which i love but the heat is a problem so i ordered a mars hydro 300 and recieved it today.... my question is that do you guys think it will be enough for my grow space.. i have 80cmx80xmx160cm i also...
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    Super Noob Question - Do I leave fan on when plants are sleeping?

    but do you face them away from the plants or do the plants get a little breeze?? lol I'm wondering if i should turn mine completely away or not
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    Yellow leaves

    thank u so much, I'm gna go now and find something to fix the ph problem. thanks :))))!!
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