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  10. Mr.M

    Amateur Hour 2012

    I figured out what this Mutation is. It's called Whorled Phyllotaxis. I've researched some Cannabis grows that demonstrate this odd formation of plant Nodes and Leaves. From what I could find some Cannabis strains produce strange hulk like buds on their whorled branches, yet some don't...
  11. Mr.M

    Comment by 'Mr.M' in media 'Moby Dick Bud'

    Looks pretty dense there. and Dank
  12. Mr.M

    Amateur Hour 2012

    HAPPY 4th of JULY! 3 Days of 12/12 1 Feeding I will be Feeding every Monday and Thursday. With watering the day after. With the Possibility of introducing Bush Master into the Cotton Candy or Frisian Dew. The Cotton Candy has stretched like 8 inches (edu. est.) on the very top with the...
  13. Mr.M

    Comment by 'Mr.M' in media 'download12'

    July 4th, 2012 3 Days under 12/12
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  15. Mr.M

    Amateur Hour 2012

    HEY Everybody! I apologize in regards to my absence these past few months. But I confess.. I got in way over my head and the mistake I made is losing sight of practicality. Like really.. who did I think I was believing I could manage that many plants on different nutrient schedules. :P The SoG...
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