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    Giveaway: WEEGrow LED Grow Lights

    "✋Support WEEGrow LED Grow Light" Best of luck folks! :goodluck:
  2. MrIcculus

    Choose your Lucky Number: Win Mars Hydro TS 1000 Grow Tent Kit!

    Congratulations @13goody13 :high-five:
  3. MrIcculus

    The Vault's Big 420 Competition Is Live Now: Win Free Cannabis Seeds

    Figured I'd better enter this year's competition as I already entered a 2 year old one recently. :laugh2::hmmmm: Sweet Seeds and Dinafem are my faves right now. I have a feeling that is about to change very soon. Thanks for the 420 love @George from The Vault and :goodluck: folks! P.S. kindly...
  4. MrIcculus

    The Vault: Plenty For 420

    Count me in good sir. And thank you again for all you do for us growers and lovers of Cannabis. :3:
  5. MrIcculus

    Win Original Sensible Seeds For Free At The Vault!

    Hulk smash indeed! Would like to learn about them here too. :goodluck: folks
  6. MrIcculus

    Is This The Best Ever Offer From The Vault? With Royal Queen Seeds

    Count me in good sir. :goodluck: folks
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    Happy Valentines Day BUDdy: An Awesome Vault Promo!

    Something low-key for this Hallmark holiday, remember folks, you could do this for your loved one once a week, life is short, tell them you love them more often. :ciao:
  8. MrIcculus

    Royal Queen Seeds Promo At The Vault

    Big congrats to you @Vanisle420 :woohoo:
  9. MrIcculus

    420 Magazine's Photo of the Year: 2019

    Big congrats to you @Cola Monster excellent work sir!
  10. MrIcculus

    Royal Queen Seeds Promo At The Vault

    More Indica please @George from The Vault No real world experience with RQS just yet, though I'm hopeful you wonderful folks at The Vault will help me change all that. Thank you for the opportunity! :goodluck:
  11. MrIcculus

    Gorilla Seeds: Win Fast Buds Original Auto Amnesia Haze

    Thanks for another opportunity Big G! Sounds zippy like I like them...:ganjamon: Good luck folks!
  12. MrIcculus

    420 Magazine's Grow Journal of the Year: 2019

    Big congrats to you @Dutchman1990 :woohoo::cheer:
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