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  • Hi Ms Fox, I think your journels are some of the most detailed & helpful. I know you have used a BCNL Bloombox and found this one on craigslist in TX. I dont know if it would be worth the drive for me but it seems like a good deal. What do you think?
    BCNL Bloombox Hydroponic Cabinet

    Sending you lots of love, respect and positive energy through the universe. ॐ
    Hey Miss fox...hope all is well...havent see you around lately...Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    Hello my friend, I am sorry I have been away for a while. My grow turned out AWESOME with some sweet medicinal qualities that I have enjoyed. And I had some shake left over that I put into a baggie and sealed up and forgot about. I just found it yesterday and noticed what appears to be mold starting to grow on it. I took it out and spread it all out and let it dry. My question is, is it all messed up ? Will it kill me if I was to ingest or use it ? What are your thoughts ?

    Take care and have a great weekend...

    Hey Ms. Fox! When I joined 420 in July I was having serious gro problems and didn't know where to turn. You were the first person to ask me about runoff ph and I quickly found out how little I knew about growin. Since then I have been trying very hard to better understand what I'm doing. I have started my first grow since joining 420 and started a journal. Can I invite you to stop by and see how I'm doing? Thanks much for all of your help!
    Hello!! Can you check out my last entry in my journal and possibly shoot me some advice?? Also why do my messages say being "moderated" what does that mean?? Thanks, A.B.L.E.
    Thank you ms fox, i did see another picture here of sour diesel and it looked like mine...so maybe it was a cross of somesort....anyway thanks, I will be starting some from seed so I will know what those are LOL
    Btw i was reading and looking at pics of Sour diesel and the leaves on my plants look more like Indica, and sour diesel is supposed to be more Sativa, is that true??? maybe I have a cross or something...whatever they are they smell like diesel already even tho the tallest one is only about 10" long.
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