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    PH in the air

    Que pasa hombres :thumb: I have been thinking about a thing I have a humidifier and I wonder if I need to ajust the ph of the water I put in the humidifier? Thanx!:Namaste:
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    Bubble Hash and Extractor Bags

    Hi! Any one know anything about this Product from Italy? Do you Think it's working? I know that there is several threds about the quality, but what quality are we talking about? If I pay $200 for a Ice O Later ore a set of Bubble Bags ore if I buy a set on Ebay for $25 from China, then I...
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    Start a legal cannabis business

    Hi all! I have a general question about legal cannabis bussines in Europe. Not US & Canada First of all, in wich country is it legal to say for exempel start a seed Company and breed my own strains? I know that you for exempel can invest ore buy a allready existing coffe-shop in Netherlands...
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    GA-Special - Gibberellic Acid bloom stimulator

    Can you mix a solution your self? If you have GA powder? How much GA do it contains? I men if I mesure the solution with a PPM meter, how high PPM dose the solution have?
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    4 Plants - 3 Strains - Promix HP - 600W MH/HPS

    Re: 4 plants/3 strains, Promix HP, 600W MH/HPS How do you mean "Not many people on here use HPS anymore" ?? The majorety ofgrowers use HPS. It is many using LED, but HPS and MH is still the moste powerful you can use. Ther are som very future high tecknic, but due to the price and power...
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    what nutes needed here?

    Those looking sick, looks like nut-lock. Did you say that your soil have a PH at 5 somthing? Some of my ggirls look like yours, and I mixed too much peat in my soil. The peat have a PH at 3,0 - 4,5 so the low PH locks out som nut, and the plant cant take it up. Try to flush it with...
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    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Thanx a lot!!! I will try to get some dolomite ASAP. But is it anything I can do who works direct. I know that the dolomite will rais the PH over time, but my girls are very sick. I know as I wroted earlyer that bakingpowder raising the PH of the water, but what dose it do with the medium...
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    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Thanx 4 your answer Ricorico.... But even my older girls, showing same signes :( Those has no "low PH peat" mixed in ther soil, but the top of my pots looked like they hade to littel soil, so I did fill up 2-5 cm with my "peat, perlite, vermicul" mix. And when I feed them with there usual...
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    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Ok.. Yesterday I gave them tap-water and mixed with bakingpowder. I used 5ml BK per gallon water (5ml per 3,77 liter) at PH 8,2. Today, like 18h later the youngest one look helthier, but those in late bloom dont show any signes of beeing better ore worse compare to yesterday. The lower, old fan...
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    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Hi folks! I really nead som help. I made my own soil-mix with perlite, vermicukilite, klay and unfourtuneally "peat ore sphagnum. Why I say unfourtuneally is that I use to much of it. Mayby 40% - 45%. For 2 days now, my new plantet have slowed down and I could'nt figer out the problem...
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    Best Light 4 Clones MH 150/250W Vs. CLF

    Thanx for your answer man! In that case, I will get my self a 250 MH, for my rooted, newplanted girls. have googled around about it and a MH have much higher lumen. But I wounder if you can give them too much light? And if that amount of lumen is unhelthy??
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    Best Light 4 Clones MH 150/250W Vs. CLF

    wa's up :)) I am about to buy a extra bulb for my new rooted, new planted clones. I have 600W MH and 600W HPS, but those are to strong I think and I have a 150W CLF today for new-cut clones, and I want to hear your opinion about using MH light for cloning. In a disent distans,I mean that...
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    Wihte Tips

    On Facebook you can se that some of them are light green in new growt and thy look "fluffy" and not helthy. Look like you can see the leafs veins. One of the girls did look helthy for 5-6 houers ago, but it had some light green, fluffy leavs. She allso was dried. I gave her pure water. I have a...
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    Wihte Tips

    Thank you very much!! I have some pichters at facebook. If you serch for Martin Navar on Facebook you will see the photos. Thanx again!
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    Help please

    fan is very slow now, and lower temp. but I am forced to move the light far beaway.... 90 cm. Is it not to far? do you really think it is a humidity/wind/temp. problem? Can it not be lack of anytthing? PH? Even if the water have right ph, the soil maybe have wrong ph? 60% of my subtrat, the...
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