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    No strong aroma: nearing end of grow

    Its been my experience when your aromatic terpenes aren't as pungent as they should be the Ph in your spil is off. Flush with quarter strength nutrient solution until you achieve AT LEAST a 1:1 ratio of soil to 1P3a aquarium o. 1:2 would be even better.
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    Looking For Tester Of ViparSpectra P4000

    I bought 15,000 dollars worth of LEDs in 2015/2016. It was my business partners decision. They were from a company name Black Dog based out of Colorado. The first thing that happened was my yield plummeted. Then the lights started failing, one after the next. They had a 10 year warranty, but...
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    Ladybugs vs. spidermites

    Not true. Stethorus Punctillum are a ladybug (or beetle) that feeds SPECIFICALLY on spider mites. If I were to choose I would use phytoseiulus persimilis on every plant that doesn't have trichomes on it and Stethorus for everyone that does. If you are going to wash your plants be sure to wash...
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