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    Flowering time

    Bruh... My mistake haha :D lol
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    Flowering time

    Sure. You have more experience than I do. Im only on my 2nd. grow :) Sorry for doubting Stunned
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    Flowering time

    That's nearly 3 months and half... Way too much i think
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    Advice about wattage of LED light

    I see that you are talking about your rig yes I don't have heat issues cause is cold outside, its like 41F or 5°C Atm is like that : - air temperature is 73F or 23° C - canopy temperature is 79F or 26°C With boot lights on and the led pannel with booth switches on
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    Advice about wattage of LED light

    It's not that hot. In my setup at the moment i have the Meizhi 900 (400w from the wall) + one 400w HPS. The heat emitted is almost the same
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    Flowering time

    Thanks Stunned and BigBear...i read it that sometimes it take a bit longer :) I just found out this chart
  7. Screenshot_20180318-220334.png


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    Flowering time

    Sorry but my English is not the best. So if i get it right I must skip the veg time and start the countdown when 1st. sign of pistil's are visible?
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    Flowering time

    Ok. I have a question about when to start count down flowering time with autoflowering strains. When they say that it flower's 6 week that mean: - 6 weeks from sprouting? - 6 weeks from 1st. preflower signs - any other time frame Help me out pls
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    Light set up

    For now its look good tnx :)
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    Super critical automatic day 16
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    Super critical automatic day 16
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    Super critical automatic day 16
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    Super critical automatic day 16
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    Super critical automatic day 16
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