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    What are you paying?

    65 for a 8th 420 for a Oz ...medical grade
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    Original Guido

    I was speaking with my weed man about "the best herb he had ever seen" and he said of all his years smoking; from cali medical to amsterdam's MJ, he said none of them even come close to a strain called "Guido". Apparently, OG Kush, One of the best weed strains out, is "Original GUIDO and a...
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    I am the weed eskimo!

    16oz of OG-Sour-D. Insane awesomeness Ooey-gooey, Sticky-Icky sickness A crazy crystal christmas.... ...Sorry dude, im really stoned. Anyway, got baked and took pictures, THE WEEED ESKIMOOO!!!!!!
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    What strains are you smoking right now?

    Currently Burning: Blue diesel Afgani Kush & Durban Poison ...all very dank
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    Aberration's Rolling Paper Collection

    I love golden wraps
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    What strains are you smoking right now?

    a Half of Sensi Star. Quarter of Afgani Goo Berry Quarter of Banana Haze and a Eighth Cali Mist. And a random, 7 grams of Middys my buddy sold me for 20 bucks. lol
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    Stash was Found!

    ...after 4 years of being lost!!! i think i hid the stuff cuz it was special. or suntin' it was in a tiny jar, dusty, and dried with age... but it was honestly the CRAZIEST stuff ive smoked this year. must be my lucky day. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Haha... WOooooHOooo -129
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    Bad stink good high.

    its beautiful dude. looks juss like some SUPER SILVER HAZE that i juss smoked. is that stuff sticky or powdery?
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    Best Papers?

    THE BEST PAPERS KNOWN TO MAN: GOLDEN WRAPS!!!! they roll like a joint, smoke like a blunt. i dont smoke nothin' but em! -129
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    How often do you smoke

    I smoke 2 doobies a day. which is about an 8th a week. ...thats like, 14 grams a month an O every two months. which means if bought 6 Ounces. I'd be good to go for around 365 days. Then again.. the more i have, the more i smoke. but thats another discussion. "... I smoke 2...
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    What are the chances?

    Dude, I got off work today, and started rowling a doobie. I was about to finish rowling the spliff and went to go lick it down when.... SLICE!!!... i got a F'n PAPER CUT ON MY TONGUE. And I ask you... WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!???
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    Final product...GROWN WITH "CFL'S" ONLY

    Re: Final product...GROWN WITH ""CFL'S"" ONLY Seems like alot of white hairs... shoulda gave it another week.
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    Burnin' blunts

    " I know they look the same... and i know youve seen them before, but.... have you ever seen them... on WEED man?? haha, its fuckin' crazy man. its a whole 'nother world dude. seriusly. you gotta look "
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    Golden wraps discontinued

    Yeah, Probably anything flavored. Cigar, Blunt Wrap, Rowling Papers ect.... But yeah, thanks PhatBlunt420, thats a good idea! I might just hit them up and get a life time supply shipped over for a christmas gift for myself. lol. 129
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