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    Will 35 year old seeds sprout

    Any updates? I love those photos of the old seeds :D
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    42 Year Old Bag Seed!

    oldrthandirt - Thanks for sharing your experiences with those plants, and I pray you are doing well!
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    L.A. Hospital Denies Liver Transplant to Medical Marijuana User Despite Prescription

    Re: L.A. Hospital Denies Liver Transplant to Medical Marijuana User Despite Prescript Posted an email to them. I hope it helps. As a descendant of one who understood its botanical value, I abhor the needless totalitarian propaganda.
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    Just ate a seed

    Those seeds are some of the best in the world nutritionally! http://www.ratical.org/renewables/hempseed1.html
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    HigherDrifter's Trim & Manicure

    Well, I for one am hooked on your style of journaling! You're a breath of fresh air in a crowded forum! Too bad it wasn't a complete success, but as long as we have time, we can try, try again - or not :D - but we learn and move on ;) Trimming is new to me so it doesn't bother me yet, I...
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    Obama Administration Tells MMJ Shops to Pack It Up

    I agree, they're protesting in vain in NYC. They should camp in Washington, D.C. since that is where all the rats are hiding now, in the White House administration...
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    HigherDrifter's Water Cure

    Could you show us what the disintegrated bud looks like? You might still be able to hash it out perhaps?
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    HigherDrifter's Water Cure

    Glued to my monitor, it's like an old-time cinema lol :D
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    Help, Harvesting top half?

    Well, all I've got to go on is my experience :) The plant will heal itself rather quickly after the cut, so I wouldn't worry about that, just make sure you don't touch the cut with dirty hands (if you smoke cig's) and that's about it. If you want to re-veg, you'll need to leave several...
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    Help, Harvesting top half?

    That would work fine. If you think the lower buds would need a couple weeks to finish, a light fert would help.
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    HigherDrifter's Water Cure

    Probably just some gases being released :) Can't wait to see the end result! I'm sure you'll get decent smoke!
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    HigherDrifter's Water Cure

    Great thread, having fun watching you water cure :D
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    My Skywalker is 3 weeks how many more weeks till harvest?

    Re: My skywalker is 3 weeks how many more weeks yill harvest? On a thread created on 420 hahaha too much to be coincidence :D
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    End Cannabis Prohibition

    I believe this plant should be allowed to be grown like any other nutritional and or medicinal herb in the garden. I'm becoming more and more familiar with the history and lore of this remarkable plant, one in which an 18th-century ancestor of mine was fond of, and who sent seeds along to...
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    Ron Paul

    He'll have my vote. I even will predict he will win.
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