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    MK-Ultra Dark Color on bud sites

    Looks good, just the strain. Plants are beautiful!
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    Can i mist/spray pistils- flowers?

    You must live in a super dry place to spray your outdoor buds and bot get the black death(black mold, botrytis) where I live we try to keep all moisture away from our outdoor, and even then its hard to keep from the moisture from creeping into your buds and rotting them. There are tons...
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    Six weeks into flowering and 7 seeds

    You should be gold. They've changed reggae on the river to "reggae rising", and the rest of the music festivals seem to be leaving. They have racked up a huge debt with the county and don't want to pay. Oh well, still a kick ass place, come back sometime!
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    Not much room to grow

    You look like it will be fine, your plants can get really close to your lights if they are properly aircooled, as it looks they are, if your using a 6 inch or 8 inch fan, and you have a heat issue below your lights still just upgrade to the next size fan and CFM rating, this would be an easy way...
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    Do I remove fan leaves?

    Hey Roseman do you take any leaves off during veg? Or do you not take 1 leaf ever from start to finish unless it is almost dead and off by itself?
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    Not much room to grow

    They are going to double or triple their height in flowering. You can buy a product called bushmaster that stops their upward growth. If I were you I would supercrop the plants or LST them.
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    Can i mist/spray pistils- flowers?

    Don't want to spray the flowers, Like DD said, bud rot may be an issue if you do so...nice plants!
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    Fans & Carbon Filter During Off Light Cycle

    Yep, I consistently get down in the low 50's in the winter, and my yield increses. I believe as long as you dont get into the 40's your great.
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    Six weeks into flowering and 7 seeds

    Well if you do get more seeds it is because they are already there and growing, no more seeds will be made from new pollination. As long as you dont have a hermie, let her finish out.
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    Roots Organics VS Fox Farm soil

    Roots has had much better results for me. The FFOF is sometimes too high in N. I think everyone who likes FFOF better have not tried RO.
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    Some plants got mold on them. How to cure / eliminate?

    Sulfur Burners are not so good for indoor environments though....A few things help, but have to be sprayed often, some of these are serenade, neem oil, SNS-244.
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    6 weeks done Help!

    Sounds like you have a for sure hermie, if the balls are growing faster than the buds than I would cut my losses and harvest, then start again.
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    Medijuana, 1wk to go. coloring?

    Re: medijuana, 1wk to go..coloring? I have never used those nutes, but with almost all nutes you will want to give only water once in a while, this will help from getting a salt buildup in your soil. A good rule of thumb is to feed, feed, water. Just repeat this for your entire cycle, that...
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    Medijuana, 1wk to go. coloring?

    Re: medijuana, 1wk to go..coloring? it looks like your fine, and plants look great! You should be way cut back on nutrientsby now if not there a chance you burnt them? They look a little nutrient burnt.
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    Light leaks and hermies

    You may cause some hermies by doing that, an easy fix is to replace the normal bulb with a green light bulb, then you can work in there whenever you need without stressing the plants with light.
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