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    50 post limit before PM ability?

    Sharing the issue or question with all forum members is also beneficial. I’ve used pms to ask or share truly private or personal information.. But imho they should not be used for general advice, hints and tips at all.
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    Hubba Hubba! Bubba Hash & The Bright Lights Of Redemption: Amy’s Indoor v2.0 With DBHBB

    :5::5::5: a sad day ... Lots of support and supporters here for you Amy when you need us.
  3. Oldbear

    Auto must have?

  4. Oldbear

    What's worse? Too little water or too much?

    In these circumstances, I would lean towards light watering. In ten days lower water wont hurt them.
  5. Oldbear

    Unprepared First Timer

    Just to be clear (or Captain Obvious) you can link to any thread at any location. No need to wait to move to journal section.
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    End of week #4 flowering: pics included

    They look great. This timing is more of a marketing than biology thing. At this point monitoring the trichroms is the main activity but yes keep track of the timing just for fun and garden space management.
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    Hubba Hubba! Bubba Hash & The Bright Lights Of Redemption: Amy’s Indoor v2.0 With DBHBB

    Good information. One benefit to the oil is that is easy to reduce the concentration by adding more oil. Then too using an eye dropper or a small syringe lets you manage the dose size and therefore the 'racy ness'
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    Maine 4-Season Greenhouse Grow

    Straight west of the blob over Bangor is me. Soggy here to but the rain stopped. Where's my paddle?
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    Opioid Tapering With Cannabis: A Regimen

    Great story thanks for sharing.
  10. Oldbear

    SweetSue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall

    I have EVOO extractions that are months old and they are fine. Moldy bits and/or rancid oil would be clues. The cannabinoids are still effective.
  11. Oldbear

    RSO oil or coconut oil CBD ?

    That will give you approx 15 mg per ml.
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    All Pistils No Bud: Northern Lights Auto

    Hi Corinne It’s never too late to start a journal. When you consider all the steps and potential issues you are maybe 40% through the grow. This would be a great one to watch the finish.
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    Birdie's Return To Life

    Nurse Birdie works
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    All Pistils No Bud: Northern Lights Auto

    I think you might try changing the light to 12 12. She looks healthy and happy. Also if you were create a grow journal you will get lots of feedback, and it’s easy to follow your progress.
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    What is One Hit Weed

    Such a simple question with a crazy complex answer. Terrpines May be part of it.
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