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    Who are you voting for 2012?

    I'll vote for Gary Johnson! This should be the easiest decision to make for anyone.:peace:
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    Who are you voting for 2012?

    I consider and respect your right to have the opinion that the federal government should recognize gay marriages. I would Never ever think of using FORCE against you for simply having that opinion. But I disagree. I do not think that the federal government should recognize any type of marriage...
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    Who are you voting for 2012?

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    I found it. Great site Vote for Ron Paul this time goodbye

    I found it. Great site Vote for Ron Paul this time goodbye
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    Mitt Romney meets dying MMJ patient and ignores him! Do Not Vote him in office!

    Vote for the man with the Cure! Vote for Doctor Ron Paul 2012!!!!! All of Ron Paul's libertarian positions are based in the application of the scientific method to understand and solve social and economic problems.
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    How Weed Won the West - Documentary

    I Apologize if it is in the wrong place.:peace: Alex Jones - "How Weed Won The West" (2010) - YouTube :thanks:
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    Ron Paul wins California Straw Poll

    Golden State - Bombs (The Ron Paul Song) - YouTube
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    Freedom of religion?

    Did you watch the interview budbro? Alfred's case was dropped using this argument which proves that it can be done. Where in our Constitution does it say that Federal law trumps religious rights? It does not. This is what is contained in the first amendment: "Congress shall make no law...
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    NRA falling in line with Feds over gun ownership and MMJ

    Gun Owners of America vs N.R.A. GOA vs NRA - YouTube
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    Majority of Americans Ready to Legalize Marijuana

    Here is an economists view on the topic. Milton Friedman pwns! Milton Friedman - Why Drugs Should Be Legalized - YouTube
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    Have any of you heard of this presidential candidate?

    Gary Johnson is a much better choice than any of the establishment figures. But let's not forget Ron Paul! The two are in tune philosophically on the proper role of government and they agree on most issues. So I think many will agree that either one of them will produce the same type of results...
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    Help the asians for godsakes! Start a revolution!

    Hey bro it is good to have you with us! I would Suggest that the main ideological philosophy driving the Prohibition of cannabis is that of Collectivism. Collectivism is the belief that only groups have rights and that individual rights must be sacrificed if necessary to protect the rights of...
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    Who do you want to be President?

    Gary Johnson will be endorsing and voting for Ron Paul pretty soon! Gary Johnson Would Pick Ron Paul as his VP - Republican Debate (9/22/2011) - YouTube :goodjob: Gary!
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    Armed Ron Paul supporter smoking bud in public! AAAAhhhh!

    The spirit of 1776 is alive and well in Keene, New Hampshire, where activists gather regularly to own their freedom. Rich Paul Activates the Marijuana Militia - YouTube
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    Freedom of religion?

    In this interview Alfred Adask speaks directly to your inquiry 420 Warrior! He explains the fact that we are viewed of as animals to the ruling elite and in their eyes chattel have no rights. The Elites Philosophy with Alfred Adask - YouTube and here is the excerpt from the Texas Health and...
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