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    Concealing the smell

    i've found that rexona musk scented spray works the best. i think any kind of musk spray would do. the smell is alot heavier so it masks alot of the pungency(?).
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    Pot gives new veiw on the world

    i think alot of times in life you get caught up in alot of the shit that happens, and get tangled up in the little webs of circumstance etc. to me smoking pot extracts me from whatever mindset/state of mind i'm in, and lets me perceive things from a 'enhanced' point of view i guess. not to say...
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    Cigarette filter question

    Re: cigarett filter question i think making a joint from a cigarette is not all that time-consuming. one trick is to grind up the mix and suck it up thru the cigarette? quite quick really. probs 30 seconds if u dont bother to stop and pack it every once in a while. the filter definitely makes...
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    Will One Joint Really Make You Schizoid?

    one of my subjects at uni for one of my degrees is quantitative methods for statistics and imo, i would say that any sort of statistics can be manipulated to suit an argument. it all depends on the parameters and sample etcetc. i think alot of the times, the average reader forgets to see what...
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    Cannabis Found To Shrink Cancerous Brain Tumours!

    another fact to tell my gf :) thanks mong
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    about Bone

    welcome to the forums bone! hopefully cya round
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    Hello All

    heyheyyyyy welcome to 420mag :)
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    Finaly introducing myself

    i saw some documentary about donald mackay and griffiths and marijuana crops. wen did weed become a common drug in our country?
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    Finaly introducing myself

    HAHA glad your friend finally gave you some good weed to try. now you cant quit toking huh? HAHAH neways thanks for introducing yourself :D
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    Hey Folks!

    Heyyy welcome buddy... i'm hoping to start my second attempt at growing SOOON too...hopefully wen my house is fixed up... but anyways theres definitely alot of help and friendly advice around here from experienced growers... :) anyways welcome again!
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    So nice to be here!

    Good luck with the issue with ur husband lady pothead! welcome to 420magazine as well :) :headbang:
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    Not So New, Not So Old.

    Re: Not So New, Not So Old... dont think i've had the pleasure of seeing you in action on the boards since i'm a pretty new member. :) but welcome back anyways. hahahaa nice to meet you!
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    happy place to be!

    Welcome to 420magazine man... i have a couple cousins up in vancouver hahaha getting cold up there yet? but anyways you'll be sure find alot of help in the grow forums. :) see ya round here buddy.
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    Where do you smoke?

    my front lawn after midnight, my side/back garden. nearby park. bathroom or study. :)
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